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Anybody here who took the Pearsons Vue NMC exam? How was it? TY!

I took it nearly 2 weeks ago, was about to re-book till i read this thread.

So u didnt pass too? Oh my.

yeah failed. I would post a sample on here, but it'd get deleted/ could effect future tests i attempt.

Oh. Yea, i remmber. Where are you from

im from melbourne, are you from the alfred in melb? I'm at the Northern

Im from the Philippines.

sorry I can't reply to your message, i havent had the minimum 15 posts to send messages. I think ill rebook in Jan, ill get in touch with NMC first

Aha. Its Okay. Cn i know ur email?

sent u an email. Alfred here.

So I called the NMC to find out if I could receive a score or if they were considering changing the exam... the person I spoke to knew nothing and said that no one would know anything.... helpful hey! I asked if the questions came from a pool or whether they were the same and he said he believed they came form a pool of questions but was unsure whether the essential questions remain unchanged.

aha. maybe you could contact pearsons vue for the score.

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