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Hi Ladies,

I will have to take the NLN entrance exam soon. What's it like?

--zannie :)


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I didn't take the nln...we took the net. But most entrance exams are the basics. Basic algebra, fractions, decimals etc. Reading comprehension. Ask your school if they have any literature available to guide your studies for this. There are all kinds of tools out there to help. Good luck!!


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Hey there Zannie

You can request copies of old NLN test directly from NLN. That is what I did when I took mine in 1996.

Good luck....they are just testing your basic knowledge on alittle bit of everything ( not necessarily nursing).

Hope that helps.

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Hey Zannie,

I took the NLN on May 12th. My score was in the 99 overall percentile. I used the Barron's review guide, NLN review guide and the 4 NLN sample tests. Overall, it is pretty easy. It covers science, math and verbal ability.

When are you scheduled to take it?

Good Luck!


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I also have the take this exam soon.

What I don't dig is if it's a entrance exam, but they have us scheduled to take it at the end of our 1st year?

Is this just a diagnostic exam? Or entrance into the 2nd year?


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There are three sections; math, language arts and science. The sections are all very general. The science section covers everything from general biology to physics. This is not a test about nursing, but there may be a couple of nursing questions thrown in. It's a difficult test to study for, especially the science section.


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Hi Ladies,

I will have to take the NLN entrance exam soon. What's it like?

--zannie :)

It is a general test of high school level knowledge, so I went to the local library and took out GED prep books in algebra, geometry, and all the science sub-subjects. They were excellent to use for review.

I found the science was hard to study for because it did cover SO much: earth science, biology, chem, physics--I even had a number of questions about electricity. My only issue with the math was that, at least three years ago, no calculators were allowed--just really slows you down.

The English section was a no-brainer for me; I was teaching English at the time!

Best of luck!


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I took the NLN, and I thought it was a hard. But I passed it. I think what makes it hard is that your timed, and it's just stressful.

As for taking it at the end of the first year, I am unsure how your school works. I was instructed when I signed up for school to take the NLN as soon as possible. I was also told to take clinical math, A&P I, A&P II, chemistry, and microbiology first, so if anything opened up in clinicals I could go right in, and then I could finish the english, etc. later on.

I guess every school works differently!

Good luck on the test:)

This test is pretty much like the ACT. Very general knowledge. I scored a 146/200 which I believe is in the 99th percentile. You have to score a 100/200 in order to pass. Really nothing to stress over. Hope the test goes great for you!

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