Nightingale College 2023


Hey guys I'm super excited to be starting Nightingale's RN program fall 2023. I tested out of reading, writing, and math. I was a little nervous to test because im pretty bad at math but its actually pretty easy. They're accepting 30 of my pre req credits so it will take me 24 months to complete the remaining credits. I have to finish up my fasfa application fingers crossed I hope it covers a good amount of the tuition. Anyone else starting this fall?

@missrn2025, you are so lucky to have gotten this far. I'm just starting the process like you I have a lot of gen ED prereq's done. Kinda nervous about the entrance exam and doing some of the testing out exams, tho. I was told the next start is sep. 2023 so hopefully, I'll be ready to go. Going to a brick and mortar school daily is not for me. 


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I'm also planning to start the BSN program this fall. I've taken the entrance exam, sent transcripts. Currently going through the transcript evaluation process. So far, they're going to accept about 39 of my credits but I have two more classes being looked at for possible transfer credit. Where do you guys live and what clinical site are you hoping to get?