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  1. Hi Erika, I'm in a similar situation. Just failed out of an ADN program in the 3rd semester for a stupid mistake and they won't let me back in. I am looking for a few options. Were you ever able to find a school that would let you transfer in?
  2. Failed a class in an ADN program

    I am sorry to hear about your experience. But the bright side for you is that this is the first class and you didn't invest so much time like I just did. I just invested the last two years of my life that's why I was really upset. Hopefully they let ...
  3. Failed a class in an ADN program

    I live in California, so the schooling here is very strict. Community colleges are a safer bet for me, so I'm hoping to get into one soon. If not, I may have to start all over at a private university
  4. Failed a class in an ADN program

    Actually, I have a school who evaluated all my nursing courses. They may have different course titles but she evaluated everything I have and said I could transfer into the same spot I left off in my current program. ☺️
  5. Failed a class in an ADN program

    Thank you so much! This is a new technique I can use. I’m currently trying to transfer into a new program (challenging the NCLEX LVN exam in the meanwhile) and I know one nursing director is planning on having a meeting with me and I am sure she will...
  6. Hello everyone, I am trying to challenge the LVN exam in this way as I have failed out of my ADN program and I am waiting to jump back in. I have added up all of the hours in the classes I have taken and I don't think I have all of the hours. Th...
  7. Failed a class in an ADN program

    Yes my school is accredited. I have learned my best shot is other community college programs because private schools do not take transfer credit of nursing core classes at all. I have 2 or 3 community colleges reviewing my transcripts right now. Hopi...
  8. Failed a class in an ADN program

    Hello☺️ I went to the higher up dean (above the nursing dean) and she couldn’t help me because the student handbook says it’s at the discretion of the clinical instructor… I really tried so hard to fight for myself. I spent days emailing and...
  9. Failed a class in an ADN program

    Hello! I tried to appeal but they wouldn’t tell me if there was a way to appeal. I looked in the student handbook for nursing department and looked on the schools website couldn’t find out on my own either. So I sent them my appeal anyway and th...
  10. Failed a class in an ADN program

    I have an update for everyone: yesterday I met with the clinical instructor who is choosing to fail me. She needed me to sign a document. In that process, I asked her if she read my emails and my reasons for why I think she should reconsider. Sh...
  11. Failed a class in an ADN program

    Tait, you are very kind and encouraging thank you. I love your “come back” story and it makes me feel less discouraged.
  12. Failed a class in an ADN program

    Okay thanks to your suggestions I’m trying to get in touch with the nurse manager. The nurse manager actually tried to vouch for me when this situation was happening because I told her about the possible consequences. I guess whatever she said didn’t...
  13. Failed a class in an ADN program

    Thank you so much for this suggestion! I think it is worth a try. Do you think it would be unprofessional or inappropriate for me to call the hospital to ask for a note? I can’t even remember the name of the doctor but perhaps I can speak to the nurs...
  14. Failed a class in an ADN program

    Okay thank you, I am trying to appeal. I asked the nursing Dean a couple of times if there was a way I could appeal. She would respond to my other questions but never responded to that one. LOL I will look more into. Especially since you’ve seen...
  15. Failed a class in an ADN program

    And what sucks even more is that the following day after the error, I came back for clinical, and started off my day with my instructor telling me that she will likely either fail me or kick me out of the program. There would be a small chance she wo...