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I am a night shift RN 7p-7a, I just love nights. I never have a slow night in ICU, we always transfer the patient out in the middle of the night to make room for new admits, constant in and out through the door no matter what shift you work. Some benefits for working nights, parking close to the hospital, free or reduced rate for parking, less parkway traffic,more money, better shift differential, I can be home during the day so if my daughter gets sick at school I am only a phone call away. We eat dinner as a family before I go off to work. I sleep less hours but they are sound, no snoring hubby to keep me awake.

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:D I love my nights too! We work 7p to 7a, 3 nights a week. I wokred last night, started in the ER, it was busy, busy, busy, seems everyone has developed renal stones. UGH......but around 4 am, we needed to open another wing, so........guess who got to do that? :eek: and no extra CNA's around to help. LIke I've said, it'a a small facility and we just lump our folks together. I'm just glad we didn't have an OB walk in the door, I was the OB nurse last night. (OH yes it's great to work in backwoods AMERICA). Hey, at least I'm well rounded!

Plus, if any of ya'll saw my thread, I did take on another part-time job. I'm Employee Health Nurse, 2 afternoons a week. So this morning I made it home by 7:50, into bed.....slept until 12:00, showered, ate on the run, and worked from 1-5 trying to make folks get the physicals and such done!

Now I'm tired, wound up like a clock and what's hubby dearest doing? Well hey, he's still sleeping cause he worked last night also. LOL.........bitter no......just tired!:roll

But, I wouldn't give up NIGHTS for anything!!!


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In my previous occupation I worked rotating shifts so got a taste of everything. I started out working on nights in health care to accommodate nursing school, fell in love with the shift, and now would not trade it for the world. I agree with all the other posters. When you work on night shift you can actually have two lives. As long as you want to stay awake during the day, you can participate in day activities. Gotta love it.


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Of course you better eat right, take your vitamins and iron, and when you sleep, power sleep, otherwise it doesn't take long to ruin your health.

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