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As a night nurse, I need to sleep in the day. Looking for good, comfortable, noise cancelling headphones. Any suggestions?

I have the Bose quietcomfort noise cancelling headphones - they are AMAZING. Pretty dang expensive but worth every penny.

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I would be worried about breaking the headphones while sleeping unless you don't move much when you sleep. I'd recommend earphones instead. If your not the typical apple person, I recommend the Jabra Elite earbuds (yes, noise cancelling). Price ranges from like 70 and up.

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Foam earplugs and a fan placed near the door (if it's house noise) or the window (if it's outside noise).

All the noise masking/cancelling efforts in the world will do no good when your upstairs neighbor deliberately drops what sounds to be a bowling ball onto your ceiling whenever he thinks you have resumed sleeping. Some people are sociopathic.

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I have the Jabra Elite earbuds. I just buy the $70 ones, which are not officially "noise cancelling" but they do a pretty good job. I have two noisy children and sometimes I go to bed before them on work nights. I listen to 30 minutes of an audible story, after bookmarking my place, of course. I usually fall asleep by 30 minutes and throw the headphones in the floor while half asleep an hour or two later. I've never had such a good pair of headphones! They never short out. I buy them with the best buy two year replacement plan. I had to take my last pair in at almost two years because the pause/play/turn on button quit working though.

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They make this bluetooth headphones/sleep mask combination thing that my sister swears by. It looks like a headband and can be worn as one or pulled down over your eyes for a sleep mask. Several brands of these are on Amazon and none are overly expensive so if you decide you don't love them you are not out a ton of money. Don't know how noise cancelling they are but they would at least be comfortable to wear while sleeping. I guess you could read reviews of the various brands to find out which ones have the best reputation for sound quality, noise cancelling if any and battery life.

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