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Ok folks....

I told you....I told you...that lastnight would be a night from hell..didn't I?? LOL For those of you that didn't read my previous post... I was explaining about what a wonderful night I had tuesday night...and like I dummy I said that wed. night would probably be a night from hell....well..guess what ???...It was!!!! Actually..everything was fine and dandy until 5am......when I had a lady go into SVT on me...rates in the 180 to 190's...(she had been fine all night by the way....thank god I checked vitals again...especially since doc only ordered them q shift..even with this though..she was asymptomatic) I'm busy with her....then the aid comes down and says that my guy's IV infiltrated.....then my other lady craps allllllll over the place, and I go to check my am blood sugar on this other lady and it's rock bottom can so many things go wrong in such a short amount of time. It's not like I ignore everyone all night or something...I'm very good at keeping tabs on was just that literally the shit hit the fan all at once. Why the heck does this happen anyways???? It can never be one's always twenty. Thank god I had a great crew on with me...they helped me immensely. Geesh...well..I go back tonight....I can only pray that it will be better.....I can only take ONE night like that in a row...LOL...ok..sooooo sorry to vent..just had to though...




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So sorry snoop. After one of those do you run to the newspaper and try to find something...anything...else to do for a living? I sure do. I had a BS the other night of 17. He took so much of my time and everything else piled up and got unmanageable. Hope your next shift is better.


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I had a night like that recently on 3-11:30 shift.all was great until 10 pm.Let' s see...where to start.One doubled over c painful contractions and not due until the end of march-sent her out 911 asap,an overdose on xanax/alcohol fighting and screaming and biing with a heartrate of 190 ,sent to er,then there was a self-mutilater that decided to take out the15 staples in the arm from the previous day and slice up what was left of the other arm,then a syncope/bp issue of 180/110 and dizziness,then one laceration to the eyebrow that needed sutures,then a the other 6 in the medical unit that were already there.This was all within one hour:roll We made up this song called "I love my job".When we have nights like this ,we sing our song and just have to laugh(and of course run like heck).I can understand your nite from hell.

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Know what you mean, Snoop. Somehow the universe's just gotta balance itself-ouch!.

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Snoop -- It was the full moon. :p

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Right on, Snoopy. The reason it happens is to get you rattled. I thought you already knew that. Oh, okay. Maybe you forgot.:D Well anyway, hope all goes well for you tonight.

Before I go though, I must tell you about a three night visit from he double hockeysticks. It happened when I was recovering from an anaphylactoid reaction to Niacin. My poor nurse got some workout.

In addition, an elderly man from Lala land showed up at my door naked as the day he was born. I asked him if I could help him, and he said he was looking for the bathroom. I got out of bed, took him by the arm, told him I would show him where to go, and I took him out to the nurses desk where I handed him over to my poor bedraggled nurse.;)

You have a good night now, ya hear?:D


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You jinxed yourself. Next time keep your mouth shut and enjoy the good days. LOL

I feel your pain Snoop, I really do. Why is it patients decide to poop at the worst possible time. :)

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It was definitely the full moon!!! But isn't that what keeps life interesting.......... in my locker at work I keep a stack of applications for checker at the grocery store for nights like those...:chuckle


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Snoop, Hope the next month goes as smooth as butter for you.

And I will remember after reading Fran's post that no matter how bad things get- as long as there is not a naked man at my door, then things aren't as bad as they could be. :D

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Yup, no matter what, it could always be worse!


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Why do things like this go wrong?

It's called Murphy's Law (anything that can go wrong can and will)


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Uh Oh I just had a good night. My new admit didn't show because he had to get readmitted on the way down two empty beds and everything just clicked. Oh yeah, the aides, I forgot about the aides...:rolleyes:

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