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  1. dragonfly954

    The Icky Thing You Dread The Most

    Stringy mucus from a pseudomonas-laden trach is the best all day appetite suppressant for me to this day............ugh:stone
  2. dragonfly954

    Nurse patient ratio

    I was talked into (by my agency)going to work in a small hospital 50 miles away without travel reimburement.I was offered an insulting contract pay wise,but I needed to work.I went there with an open mind for orientation,trying to keep in mind this was a small hospital and could not afford to pay me a lot but promised all the overtime i wanted).I asked what the nurse/pt ratio was and they told me they didn't call it that anymore.I said let me rephrase this,I don't care what you call it,how many nurses to each pt at nite and what is your max.12 on a tele floor (mixed with peds during season).The only reply to my comment of "you have got to be kidding me "was well you have a monitoror tech(not a nurse) by them.I asked what happens if a nurse calls out( the others p/up the slack). I politely excused myself and headed to the don's office and asked her if this was true.Yep.I was nice but matter of fact that I found this unacceptable and truly shocking that this staffing was even allowed in America and no nurse in their right mind would risk his/her license to tolerate this ratio on a regular basis.i had never said anything like this before at a job.i was polite, but made my point. Thank God I insisted on an orientation before i signed that contract.
  3. dragonfly954

    taking your work home.

    I just went to work here.the rates are 25 visit,35 for a soc/roc.They just did away with milege for perdiem,but these were the rates with milege.i was told they will be reviewing the rates at the first of the year.They need to revisit this now!
  4. dragonfly954

    Need info on missed visits please

    i am new to HH Medicare visits by a couple of weeks.I've heard everyone talk about missed visits.We have a form for this,yet i have not had a missed visit yet.My question is does your agancy factor in missed visits into the total # visits?Scenario from last week:Have a stable GI bleed to be seen.Agency says medicare doesn't like to see just 5 visits from SN.It looks like you are just doing the minimum visits to get paid for the entire episode,so they like 8 as an average.So they did 2 week 1,3 week 2 to make 8,stressing that 2 missed visits would be ok due to the holidays.Is this normal.You answered the question of md order needed for missed visit.
  5. dragonfly954

    The tortoise or the hare? How do your docs rate?

    I'm sure you will end up with a lot of comments about er wait times in general.Our local er (only 1 hospital) has to have the slowest doctors in town,some are slower than others. one doctor in particular will just mosey from room to room at a snail's pace,take his time writing orders,let the patients be in a bed for an hour or more before ordering any labs at all even if he has initially seen them...... Unfortunately,I frequent the er several times a year due to renal problems and severe infections.I dread finding out this md is there because i knowi will be there all night long,no matter if there is a trauma or 2 or 3 non-sick people coming in for a pregnancy test at 2 am.Even the other nurses roll their eyes at him.
  6. dragonfly954

    V codes/field staff

    they don't want us to do it:the QA nurse does this.I interviewed and did a brief orientation with another hh company (that I ended up leaving right away)that had a seperate form the field nurse filled out and gave to the office for this purpose.It gave the field nurse input and the QA nurse the final say.I thought this was a good idea.I wish the place I am at now would have some type of organized chaos for this problem.
  7. Yes,but would have held off having kids and being married until my 30's.I wish i was in the position to travel nursing.
  8. dragonfly954

    HIPPA violation.....question

    I can't get into any detail,but MAJOR HIPPA violation will have to dealt with at my facility.I didn't do it ,but we were the ones that found out about the violation and reported it.We were afraid if we didn't we would get in trouble for not at least passing it along to upper mgt.It was quietly passed along in formal writing to the administrator because KNEW this wasn't going to go away at all.We did it for cya reasons........not to be vengeful.Sort of like "you found it ,you deal with it"The HIPPA security officer stated that if we had not reported it,we could have gotten in just as much trouble! Is this true?What happens now?I am asking what is the usual process that happens now?
  9. dragonfly954

    Question about admission.

    I like it better than my agency job,that's for sure!It has been an experience for the last 2 weeks.I have never done medicare h.h,so i have a lot to learn.Trying to track the md down is the best part when I'm out driving around......all the back and forth phone calls to the office.I'm still taking paperwork home at night to finish up,but they said that is to be expected for awhile.Just trying to get used to all the rules and regs.
  10. dragonfly954

    ortho nurses!!!please advise

    now the mother in law is on 150 mg methadone a day and still in pain,muptiple pain mgt trips,etc.nothing helps.I'm not saying the surgery did her any harm but she could have been managed better .Pursue a qualified person to give you answers if you are not happy.
  11. dragonfly954

    ortho nurses!!!please advise

    My mother-in-law had cages(2) and a pinched nerve repaired at 9 am and they sent her home at 2 pm with a brace and oxycotin.I stopped by to see her not believing they sent her home.supposed to be a 23 hr stay or more because of a severe reaction to anesthesia the last back surgery and hx of dvt.well her lips, her face'eyes were so swollen,respirations 8 and apneic,pasty white skin.i thought for sure she was dead.Medics thought she had been dead for a long time when they first saw her.She had a bad reaction to a drug again.She stayed in ICU for 2 weeks.The insurance company really saved a lot of money on that early d/c. :She retired as a nurse from that hospital and she won enough in court to retire forever.She is on disability.call and demand to get them to see you or refer you to someone else........yesterday.
  12. dragonfly954

    Husband shoots wife and self in Icu in CA

    Years ago we had an elderly man shoot himself in the head in his car after waiting several hours in the er waiting area to be seen.Well he didnt pass right away and we had a bigger problem than him shooting himself.This is horrid but true;everyone of the medical staff kept going down to the cat scan room to see his head.I could not believe the disrespect shown to this man.Yes I was curious,no I did not go.All I could think was how lucky everyone was that he didn't hurt anyone.
  13. dragonfly954

    Where Do The IV's Get Started

    I had an O/P procedure done a few months ago.I have NO veins to work with they tell me.The 2 poor nurses who were prepping me made the mistake of letting me know they "might have to stick me a couple of times".(each).I told them they had 1 chance to stick me or no IV.I had been poked and prodded multiple times that week.This thread explains why the next person I saw was an anesthesiologist to start the impossible IV.He got it the first time.Wonders what a little lido can do and some patience(and a nice healthy dose of Versed to make the pain in the rear nurse pt go nite-nite-compliments of the anesthesiologist begged for by the nurses caring for me):chuckle Thank goodness for that one in house thats always good at IVs.
  14. dragonfly954

    Husband shoots wife and self in Icu in CA

    I live in a small area,but we have one area that is really bad epecialy on the weekends(drugs,gangs).they keep a full-time police officer just for the er at all times and a couple of security guards walking around and 1 in the parking lot/lobby until4 am.the people coming on at 7 am are on their own.guess no one gets mugged between 4-7 am.The gun getting into the icu is amazing and someone getting shot in there is just so unreal.
  15. dragonfly954

    unhappy nurse

    I was almost phsically assaulted by a nurse last fri.She threw a set of narc keys at me and missed my face by an inch.No one did anything because she is the charge nurse.The day shift (her pets)witnessed this and would not come forward until she was gone for the day.So i understand the sticking together and gang up on one kind of mentality.Not fun to have to deal with.I made it very clear that she was lucky she missed me or i would have had her arrested.The clique stuff gets old.i am still in shock.
  16. dragonfly954

    Time Heals???????????(long)

    My dad's sister lost her 3 1/2 yr old 30 or so years ago to an over dose of some type of pills.She has never gotten over her grief or her guilt.It has eaten her alive for years.I was a baby when he died,but the family made him real to us because he was never forgotten.she still speaks of him as if he were a child because that is how she remembers him.i have heard people say things like oh he/she would have been 27 this year......trying to imagine them as an adult or what they would have been.she has never been able to get beyond those last days.They say she's not ever been the same.So i can understand your still grieving all these years later.