Where are the new grad NICU positions?

  1. I am graduating this December with my BSN and I am wondering which hospitals in the country are hiring in the NICU?

    I do not have any experience in the NICU and so far no luck in my own city or with the bigger hospitals in different states. I am willing to move anywhere for an opportunity, but I am focused on more rural hospitals with a NICU (however a lot of them require a current license).

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   babyNP.
    Try children's hospitals.
  4. by   ICUman
    Intermountain healthcare in the state of Utah, takes several new grads into the Newborn ICU.
    Check all the regions in Utah on the job site and you'll find one to apply for.

    Job List

    They also have several positions for other pediatric wards such as infant-med/surg, peds. trauma, which the NICU often hires from as well. Intermountain Healthcare will be posting updated new grad positions in NICU soon, too.
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  5. by   newbienurse11
    Vanderbilt Children's Hospital (Nashville, TN) has a nurse residency program that hires a handful of new grads into their NICU 2X a year.
  6. by   diman
    Thank you. I will look into it!
  7. by   Guy in Babyland
    Norton Children's in Louisville hires primarily new grads.
  8. by   llg
    Pick a place where you have family and/or friends for the following reasons:

    1. It can be lonely moving to a place where you don't know anybody. I've done it several times: I know from experience.
    2. The hospitals where you will be applying know the above fact as well. If you have no personal connections in their region, they will be skeptical about you becoming a long-term employee. They will see you as someone who is likely to stick around for a year or so to get some training and experience -- and then move back home where you have family and friends. That will make them less likely to hire you.

    You want to be able to realistically consider the place as a long-term home for yourself -- and be able to convince the Recruiters and Hiring Managers that you are likely to stay long term. It will help to be able to talk about how close you are to your friends/relatives who live near there, have them to help you settle in to a new region of the country, find a place to live, show you around, spend holidays with, etc. That will make you a more attractive candidate.

    I work for a children's hospital -- and we have been burned many times by the "one year and out" new grads who only want to use us to get a good orientation and a little experience so that they can get the job they really want "back home." Such hires are not worth our investment and we don't hire many people like that any more. We look for the ones that give us some reason to think they might actually stay a while.
  9. by   KKEGS
    Children's Minnesota (has campuses in Minneapolis and Saint Paul) has a new grad program. I am a graduate of it! Two years in their level III NICU.

    We also have a large hospital system called Fairview in the Twin Cities area that has a new grad program as well.
  10. by   LRN_RN
    The Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA has a new grad program and hires NICU nurses into the residency. I was always so jealous of those RNs who were new and got to go into a residency. I felt like they learned so much and were so stable and prepared once they were off the residency and finally onto the floor, vs us old hard knock "don't kill anyone" nurses who got their learning the hard knocks way on the floor. I think their residency was 3-6 months or something and included class time and shifts. They'd spend upwards of a few months with vent babies before moving on and seemed very stable when done. A residency anywhere seems like a good thing to look for even if you don't end up going into NICU.
  11. by   NICU_NC
    I work in the NICU in Greensboro NC and we hire new grads all the time. We have a couple night shifts open right now I think. We do a new grad program called the Academy and you have to rotate through mother-baby, L&D, and the NICU and then we usually save 2 or 3 positions just for the people in the Academy. Go to Cone Health's website www.conehealth.com and check out the openings for new grads. Goodluck!
  12. by   NedRN
    What a great thread for new grads! I'm just passing through to see what is here. Hi ICUman! Are you interested in NICU?

    I clicked through the Cone Health link in the last post, just curious. Nice to see a health system that is truly interested in recruiting nurses. You can chat with a recruiter, not go through just a dumb online application. This is relevant direct NICU new grad link. The timing has to be right of course.
  13. by   ICUman
    Quote from NedRN
    What a great thread for new grads! I'm just passing through to see what is here. Hi ICUman! Are you interested in NICU?
    No, just helping others. Why do you ask? I still browse your travel forum posts occasionally.