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  1. LRN_RN

    Where are the new grad NICU positions?

    The Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA has a new grad program and hires NICU nurses into the residency. I was always so jealous of those RNs who were new and got to go into a residency. I felt like they learned so much and were so stable and prepared once they were off the residency and finally onto the floor, vs us old hard knock "don't kill anyone" nurses who got their learning the hard knocks way on the floor. I think their residency was 3-6 months or something and included class time and shifts. They'd spend upwards of a few months with vent babies before moving on and seemed very stable when done. A residency anywhere seems like a good thing to look for even if you don't end up going into NICU.
  2. I'm in a Meditech Hospital based in the West, but came from an EPIC hospital. I got my foot in the door by becoming instrumental in a build for a new charting system in my NICU (ISOPRIME). This lead me to being able to brake into the Meditech side. I'm not sure what wave your hospital may be in, but Meditech is just now rolling out a new nursing documentation component to their system called EBCD. Becoming a super-user is a great way to start getting into the field (I would let your director know you are interested, often this is how they choose a superuser when the time is needed). Meditech is also going to be rolling out their PK for physicians soon and CPOE is still fairly newish to physicians, so I'm sure they have someone working behind the scenes that you just may not know about. Look to see who your Advanced Clinical Analyst is and you'll probably stumble on the rest of the department too. Every hospital that has computer based charting has some sort of Informatics department.
  3. LRN_RN

    Nursery/NICU linen changes

    We don't have a policy, but I change always with baths (ours are Q3 or PRN) and if I see visibly soiled linen. Or if parents are STS I'll do a quick change. I also like my kids to look matching and clean, so sometimes I'm obsessive and will just change it because I can. I'm NOC shift and more often than not I end up changing each of my kids by the end of my shift. We use blankets, not sheets. I also change my infants clothing (if they are able to be clothed) each night on my shift. I figure as a parent, I'd do that and I'd want to see that my infant was being cared for in this way too.
  4. LRN_RN

    Level IV NICU RN looking to transition to level II/II less acute NICU

    I've worked level IV and am currently in a Level III. It's the perfect place. We get the occasional vent, body cooling, or critical 24-28 weeker, but honestly most of our kids are CPAP, NCPAP, BCPAP, High Flow PIV or UAC then feeder growers or NAS infants. It's a great mix. The suggestions above are the best way to go about it. Most states have 1 or 2 Level IVs and the rest are IIIs or IIs. Pick a state and just start looking. I love where I'm at though I sometimes miss a gastro kid or having surgery kids, but for the most part, this is a perfect level for me right now!
  5. LRN_RN

    NICU crafts/scrapbooking

    We do something for our parents at birth and then every holiday that they are with us. Is there a way to upload photos onto this site. I can send a small collection of some of the things we have done. They typically all involve hand or foot prints, but all are different. We add names and dates so parents can keep them for a keepsake and see the change in the infants feet or hands as they grow. Our parents tell us that they are treasured items and they love being able to see the growth of their infant. Especially those who are with us a long period of time!
  6. LRN_RN

    Isolette Practices

    WOW. Our unit has a giraffe for every bed space (26) and every infant regardless of gestation and/or acuity is admitted into one, then move to open crib as fluids are DC'd and age permits. I'd love to see a bedbath done with the top down (our older kids all get swaddle baths). Seriously great skills!
  7. LRN_RN

    Utter failure with my first baby that should have been coded

    This is my reality as well. I work in a Level III NICU were the majority of vent, cooling, 30 weeks and under pt are given ONLY to experienced nurses (5+ years). I had to leave my unit for a level IV to get any experience. Then upon returning I was allowed more complicated patients. The problem is, now it's so boring. I'm already looking for a new NICU experience. Even with all this I've been in 1 code situation. ONE. I've been a NICU nurse for 3+ years. I worry every day I'll be placed in an NRP situation. The unit I work in is kind and helpful, but it's not conducive to new RNs who need to learn through experience.
  8. LRN_RN

    What to choose, NICU vs PICU?

    Go CHOP! You can't go wrong with either unit there. I hope I can get in at CHOP sometime in my adulthood. What a great opportunity!
  9. I've never heard of this one, but I started a diaper rash thread a few weeks ago. We use hair blow dryers on low heat to dry the diaper area.
  10. LRN_RN

    Diaper Rash

    I forgot we also employ a hair dryer to completely dry bums that are raw and bleeding. Thank all! Fantastic feedback.
  11. LRN_RN

    I-PASS shift reporting pass off

    Our unit is talking about switching the way we report off to one another at shift change. They heard about I-PASS and the last VONs conference and are making plans to put this in place. Anyone out there in units who use this? If so what do you think?
  12. LRN_RN

    I-PASS shift reporting pass off

    Our unit is talking about switching the way we report off to one another at shift change. They heard about I-PASS and the last VONs conference and are making plans to put this in place. Anyone out there in units who use this? If so what do you think?
  13. LRN_RN


    Our unit is talking about changing up our reporting system to one called I-PASS. I guess it's a NICU thing (as far as I can tell), but I was wondering if any of you out there currently use it and if so what do you think?
  14. LRN_RN

    Diaper Rash

    We are a level III NICU. When we fortify, there is a greater chance for breakdown in the diaper area. What products does your NICU use to to combat this? We use a barrier cream called ILEX, but it doesn't always cut it. I'd love to hear what you do. (As a side note I have always worked in a Level IV and we used a purple liquid in a vial. We'd snap the vial and rub it over the breakdown and then wait for it to dry. I can not for the life of me remember what it's called. Any ideas?)
  15. LRN_RN

    (Not so) Daily Affirmations

    Reading this scares the crap out of me. I just accepted an offer at a different NICU across the country. My NICU is so amazing! Team work and comradeship to the max. I've agonized over the decision. The schooling offer and the chance to see and do more made me say "yes", but I am stressing the environment change BIG TIME. I fear the "young eating" and the stress of a level IV. I even jokingly (not so jokingly) asked my current manager if she's hire me back "home" if I just made the hugest mistake of my life. She chuckled, but I hope that meant 'yes', just in case I have to crawl back with my tail between my legs!
  16. LRN_RN

    New grad male nurse in the NICU..

    I love all of our male NICU nurses. I'm very introvert. I almost save myself up for the 12 hr shifts so I can give my self to my patients and their families. I don't have time or the desire to get caught up in the woman gossip, chatter, drama. I come to work! I feel though that our male peers do this with ease. They break up what can be a cliquey environment and bring new fresh in site into our unit. Welcome and keep on working hard. Once they get to know you, I'll bet things will change!

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