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OK, do you all ever have days where you want to smack the person you have to give report to? I ALWAYS seem to get this one particular nurse who everyone hates to give report to and she spends her... Read More

  1. by   prmenrs
    (patient going home tomorrow): Oncoming nurse: What were his latest CBC, CXR, lytes, bili? [can you read?] C-section or vag and what were the prenatal labs? [baby 2 m/o now, who cares?]
  2. by   ktwlpn
    Quote from fergus51
    OK, do you all ever have days where you want to smack the person you have to give report to? I ALWAYS seem to get this one particular nurse who everyone hates to give report to and she spends her time criticizing everything I've done and even things that previous shifts have done as though everything is my fault and she's the only competent nurse on the unit. I've been in NICU for 2 years now and have noticed it's fairly common among NICU nurses. I didn't experience this nearly as much before when I did L&D.
    I threatened to scratch my relief's face off on Wednesday afternoon----and then he tried to close my med room window-and I was having a hot flash...Like you all have said-there is one on every unit....
  3. by   BittyBabyGrower
    Oh I hate that!!! I love the ones that come to get report on the oldest, most chronic kid and are like...okay he had nec 6 months ago...exactly where and how much bowel was removed...ME: I don't care...all I know is he doesn't have an ileocecal valve and poops his brains out all day and night. HER: What was the last HUS.... ME: Kid never had a bad head HER: So...what was it. UGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH

    When they start on that kind of nit picking crap I put my stuff down and I say...I'll tell you what, since you don't want to listen to what I say, and you can obviously read, I'll let you read my charting, the Kardex and notes and give yourself report. I have done this to 2 people. If you don't want to listen, I ain't gonna talk.
  4. by   wensday
    Oh I'm so glad it's not just me. Why do i always get the oldest most chronic kid and the nurse has never cared for them before? You go 'when did you last look after him?' them 'oh never' .....theres a pause as I try to remember the last four months of this childs life. I say 'well vented for 2 weeks, onto CPAP for a week then vented again as infected...' her ' what were the pressures when he was first vented?' I mean WHO CARES? Look at the notes when I have driven home for my five hours of sleep before I have to come back on shift ans take the baby back off you!! The next morning you can be sure she will have found a load of things you've done SO wrong such as not record the colour of the babies mums dress or how long the babies nose is.
  5. by   TiffyRN
    If one were to show this thread to the night shift I work with and ask them "Who does this remind you of?" I guarantee close to 100% of the night nurses would identify "Sally" (obviously not her real name). That's pretty good when we staff around 20 every night (I guess about 60 all total). First of all she has more important things to do at the beginning of the shift like get coffee, chat with another nurse (not the one she needs to be getting report from), then she will want to scrub in first even though everyone else has already been in report for 10 minutes. She does many of those things others have mentioned, keeps interrupting asking questions about things that happened months ago. . .questioning you "what did you do all night?". And this one is my favorite, you will start into a complicated report of this infants complex events over the last couple of days and you see her eyes drift off. You keep talking, hoping. . . Finally she comes back to reality and you get "Did you hear I'm adopting a new mama cat, she just had kittens, do you want a new kitten?" Seriously!!, this is an actual conversation we had a few months ago!! Then when you try to quickly direct her attention back to report you have to start all over from the point where you saw her eyes drifting away.

    We generally keep the assignments the same from shift to shift so unfortunately if you get "Sally" she has your whole assignment. She's one of those typical report bullies. She not only makes you feel you didn't do nearly enough and what you did was wrong, she then proceeds to get less done on her shift than seems possible. Dressing changes never done, baths. . .she openly admits she doesn't believe dayshift if responsible for them, Issues not addressed with the rounding doctors. Her co-workers don't like having her around because she won't stay in her room, visits the other rooms to chat with everyone, she is very friendly, I'll give her that. She always manages to intimidate the new nurses until we talk with them and let them know there is no need to be intimidated. I don't value the opinion of people I don't respect.

    As I mentioned the assignments generally stay together from shift to shift. Of course as the new shift comes in they will ask how the infants are split up and which ones are busier. I will admit that when "Sally" shows up in my room, I will start on about how horrible my kids were, they screamed all night, they pulled out every tube, they have very picky parents who have reported every nurse assigned to them. . . that usually works pretty well.

    And yes, the management team is aware of her issues. I just don't know any actions they may or may not have taken.
  6. by   fergus51
    Well, I'm glad it's not just me. I have seriously been considering going back to L&D lately and this is one of the reasons.