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Are you guys still doing pneumograms on your kids or are we just stuck in the 1980s at my hospital?... Read More

  1. by   Sweden
    I have never seen one done in our unit.......

  2. by   dawngloves
    Nope. Only if the kid is close to going home and has a lot of brady's, especially after feeds.
  3. by   walkingrock
    ph probe studies and pneumograms are not the same, although some places they do a ph probe study at the same time as a pneumogram. A ph probe study is to determine the amount of GER, a pneumogram is to determine if a baby is having apnea (that may or may not show up on a monitor) and helps to determine whether it is central (brain caused) or obstructive apnea. We seem to be doing less peumograms and more car seat challenges these days, although we still do occasional pneumograms. I'm sure it depends on the type of patients a particular unit has and the resources available to the unit, as well as the mind set of the neos. Sometimes, we want to see if the apnea is related to GER, that is why one would do a pneumogram with a ph probe at the same time...frequently these tests in the past were to document for the insurance companies so we could get equipment or resources for the baby... all the above is just my opinion, from my 26+ yrs of experience in various units...
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