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Last Friday was my second day on the NICU as a new nurse. One of the NP's was about to insert an umbilical line and my preceptor asked me if I wanted to watch. I'm standing there watching the NP... Read More

  1. by   2curlygirls
    When i was pregnant with my second, I almost passed out under a warmer during a C/S. Then a few days later, i amost passed out and barfed while admitting a very unstable 25 weeker.

    A couple months after I got back from mat. leave (and working 12 hour shifts, on very little sleep) I got a migraine. I lost vision in my left eye and had temporary expressive aphasia. Everyone thought I was having a TIA of something so I got rushed to the ED via wheelchair for a CT. It was great

    So no passing out per se, but lots of other unpleasantries at work.
  2. by   mgalloLPN
    I was on med/surg clinicals the other day and I was watching an IV start. The 1st nurse tried but couldn't get it so another nurse came in. She went so fast and was kinda moving the needle around. I started to feel really dizzy, hot, nauseous, my hearing started going, I started seeing black, so I told them I had to step out for a second. I have watched IVs before so I'm not sure what happened. I think it was the way the nurse did it. I have passed out 2 times before and had the exact same symptoms. Very scary. I SOOOO did not want to pass out again so I left the room.
  3. by   MA Nurse
    Those hot lights really get to me too, esp. when doing a lumbar puncture. I've almost passed out when assisting with that procedure, and I've been a nurse for a long time!