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  1. What gear do nicu nurses carry on them during their shifts? I'm used to carrying only pens and chapstick, I'm not even used to carrying a stethescope. So what kind of stuff do I need to invest in?
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    I usually carry only a few things, and here they are:

    Pens, chapstick
    hemostat and scissors, ETOH swabs
    cheat card with NRP drugs/doses
    Tootsweet oral sucrose vials.

    I usually keep a Neofax/calculator/Care of the Sick Neonate on my desk where I chart.

    I'm weird, and hate excess crap in my pockets. I try to keep it to a minimum.
    Hope this helps!

  4. by   palesarah
    I carry lip balm & Tums. Everything I need to care for the babies is available for us at the bedside, and I make sure I have a pen at each bedside when I start my shift (luckily, the unit is well stocked with pens!) I usually have some hand cream with me too, but I don't keep it in my pocket.

    I hate having stuff weighing down my pockets.
  5. by   Gompers
    We don't have stethescopes at each bedside, so we all have our own and swab them with alcohol between patients. In our pockets we usually have: pens, pencil, highlighter, calculator, scissors, and a hemastat. Each bedside is stocked with everything else we'd need, including antibacterial hand gel, alcohol, betadine, gauze, tape, and IV supplies so we don't have to carry that around.

    Personally, I also carry lip balm, gum, and Tums.
  6. by   adrienurse
    I guess you have to have a special steth with a very small head and bell.
  7. by   preemieRNkate
    I usually have just a pen and some $ in my top pocket (I one time made the mistake of carrying the $ in my pants pocket and got puked on. When I changed pants, I lost $20 in the soiled scrub machine, so now I only carry a few $ and I keep it in my top!) I have a little Vera Bradley cosmetic case that I use to keep extra pens, scissors, hemostats, etc plus the chapstick and gum in. I usually will leave that on the bedside table in the room or on one of the shelves nearby. If I'm on call for the DR or I'm on transport for the night, I usually keep a few ETT tapes in my pocket (we cut tapes from Elastoplast tape and Duoderm).

    I use a Littman Classic II Infant steth. There are others out there, but this is what most of my coworkers use. We have our own that we wipe down between babies.
  8. by   RainDreamer
    -chapstick and gum
    -usually end up with some of the pre-filled sucrose syringes in my pocket .... which end up being a lifesaver at times

    I hate carrying my stethoscope around with me and usually I don't because all my babies are in one pod ...... so I just leave it laying around in my pod.
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  9. by   NicuNightRN
    *chapstick (most important item in my pocket!!!)
    *pen and sharpie
    *elastic band for my hair

    Our babies each have a cart at their bedside with everything we could possibly need - alcohol swabs, IV supplies, sucrose, etc., so I don't worry about carrying that stuff around - I just have to make sure the cart is stocked when I get to work, since the previous shift doesn't always do so! Each baby also has their own stethoscope, we don't carry our personal ones around.
  10. by   Zippedodah
    alcohol wipes
    small penlight
    I clip my hemostat on my jacket with a roll of tape on it.
  11. by   walkingrock
    i personally like to have everything i need on my body! we do have stethescopes at the babie's bedsides, but many of them are i like to use mine, plus, i have this thing about the earpieces going from ear to ear, it's kinda like a toothbrush to me. i carry my littman pediatric (i find this is a better overall size than the neonatal, have used each for a number of years) stethescope in my cargo pocket on pants leg. wouldn't want to leave it lying around and have someone make off with it, and i rarely let anyone use it, especially the docs! i wear a nursing "toolbelt" most of the time. i'd prefer not to, as it's more comfortable and better looking without it, but i keep needing stuff that isn't readily available, when i don't wear it, and i miss it. i carry:

    treo 650 with neofax on it and has calculator
    tiny brush and compact mirror
    pkt of oral breath-freshening strips
    a metal toothpick
    lactaid chewable tablets (for when i have to have chocolate)
    tiny bandage scissors and tiny kelly clamp
    sometimes i wear my pedometer!
    cord clamp cutter
    alcohol wipes
    small kitchen timer (for timing my break)
    black ballpoint pen (although they supply, i like mine!)
    red ballpoint pen
    yellow highlighter
    black permanent ink sharpie
    mechanical pencil
    the latest nrp pocket cheat card
    tape cut for ett and stuck to a package
    some papers for taking report on (i made up my own)
    a form for filling out, if i'm the person going to l & d for high risk deliveries
  12. by   NICU_Nurse
    Wow! I'm with "my people" now! How reassuring.

    I have the following on my person:

    ID holder with mini calculator attached via keychain
    (both ID and calculator are attached to pull-string for easy use)
    Pocket organizer in left pocket with:
    Black pen
    Red pen
    Mini Sharpie marker
    Cord clamp cutter
    Tiny tape measure (3 inches long, for wound estimating)
    Bandage scissors
    2 Hemostats
    Roll of Micropore tape
    Alcohol wipes
    Saline wipes
    2 small Tegaderm dressings at all times

    *Sounds a little bulky, and is, but neatly organized and essential so I don't have to run all over finding those little things!

    In my right pocket:
    Cinnamon gum
    Cheat-sheat index cards on keyring for memory jogging
    (also includes important phone numbers, formulas, etc.)
    Additional black pen
    (1st one is backup, this one is the one I always reach for)

    Stethoscope, clipped somewhere (waistband, pocket, etc.)

  13. by   rainy scarlett
    ~I wanna be a NICU nurse, I guess I will have to stock up on chapstick...seems like it got the most votes!! ~
  14. by   adrienurse
    Holey Moley. How do y'all keep your pants from falling down?