Mandatory Overtime

  1. Just wanted to get a feel for how mandatory overtime is handled other places. Our schedules are put in, then we are told weeks later how many call days to sign up for. Then even once schedule is started if someone quits, or is out for injury etc, we have to add more call days. Even flip flop to opposite shift. The 12 hour days are exhausting and adding extra is almost unbearable. If we are not needed the day we are on call 98% of the time we remain on call just in case with understanding that if called we have 30 minutes to arrive. Is this the norm?
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    We don't have call and have extremely low mandatory overtime. We have the option to sign up for pre scheduled extra. If you are not needed, charge nurse will call you off. We also receive text messages if there is a need that day (7-7, 11-7, or 3-7). Mandatory overtime only happens while you are currently working. If there is a need for someone to stay over an extra 4 hrs, then volunteers are asked for first before mandating someone. I have never been mandated in 3 yrs. Our policy may not work for you since we have 30-40 nurses per shift and a total of 150 nurses for each (day shift/ night shift).
  4. by   BeccaznRN
    All of our recent new hires are required to do one 12-hour call shift per 6-week schedule (call is on our normally scheduled shift). We work every other weekend and are guaranteed the other weekend off, but otherwise we don't get to choose the call shift - assigned per needs of the unit by the scheduling committee. Call is almost never cancelled. I'm thankful that I got hired before this new policy took effect and I don't have to take call; however, for all of us that were grandfathered in, call will be required if we take another position on the unit (ex: going from a straight night position to days or rotating).
  5. by   Miiki
    Mandatory overtime has not happened in the 2.5 years I've worked in my unit. Other nurses have recounted when they were required to schedule a full 40 hours (3-12s and an extra 4-hour shift).

    Our unit uses incentives to get extra nurses to work from $12-23 extra/hour (plus overtime) depending on the need. It seems better for morale. There also some local contract nurses in the area that can be called in if needed, and the managers will hire short-term contract nurses when the census is on the upswing.

    We usually staff 33-40 nurses per shift and need 40+ during high census.
  6. by   Leader25
    NOOOO!!!!!!!That sounds just awful.Move to a state with no mandatory abuse.On call pay is a different matter ,the OR and similar units do staff that way but it is voluntary and paid as 1.5 OT.
    I have experienced the forced abusive mandation, and shift rotations,which is the reason I left certain places.Look up state laws,see what you got ,maybe your employer needs a reminder.