Looking to change our current practice regarding OG/NG tubes.

  1. Hey fellow Neo's,
    Our unit is looking for assistance on the use of OGT/NGT's in your unit. Currently, we place an OGT for feeding and an OGT for venting (usually a 4-6Fr for feeding/8Fr for Vent) on infants that are vented,CPAP and sometimes even NC.
    We are looking at changing our practice and are curious what other units are doing...

    Do you use 2 tubes in your unit? (One for feeds and one for venting)
    What size tubes does your unit use? We have 4Fr to 8Fr. Even on our VLBW we use an 8Fr for venting. What does your unit do?
    Or do you place one tube and vent after feedings?

    Just looking for some info! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   HyperSaurus, RN
    Usually just one tube, 5 French, I haven't been there terribly long, but I don't think I've seen more than one tube
  4. by   KRVRN
    4fr NGT for NC and RA babies. 8fr OGT for venting/feeding on CPAP. We don't generally do the 2 tube thing. FOr CPAP babies on feedings we try to keep it clamped for an hour, then vent...we usually end up doing the up and down milk in the tube thing. And they always have yucky mouth too.
  5. by   NICURN29
    We place a 5Fr. feeding tube and use it interchangeably for feeding and venting. We don't keep it OTA once feeds have started, however, but instead pull back on it to decompress the stomach. The only time we place a second tube is if the feeding tube is in the duodenum or jejunum, in which case we sometimes will use a 5Fr. tube to decompress the stomach.
  6. by   champagnesupeRNova
    We use one tube, usually a 6F and vent after feeds.
  7. by   NicuGal
    We use 6.5 French for feeding and venting on most kids. If they are NPO and have belly problems we use a repogyle tube. We use 5 French on kids that need an NG and are on CPAP or NIMV.
  8. by   Bortaz, RN
    single 6.5 fr ogt or ngt, salem sump to lis for gastro kids usually.
  9. by   HighCensus
    We have three sizes of OG/NG 5 fr, 6.5 fr, and 8 fr. We choose the size depending on the patient's weight. We use the tube for both venting and feeding. If a patient has a 5 or 6.5 fr we will often pull air off q3-4 hours. We also use 8 or 10 fr replogles for decompression.