Developmental Positioning, Aids, and stuff like that...

  1. Hey, where do you guys get all of your developmental positioning stuff? I don't mean blanket rolls, I'm looking for specifically developed items used in positioning, bundling, etc. I found one site, Children's Medical Ventures, but they only offer one or two items. On a slightly different jag, how do you physically support your babies when they are lying prone? When side-lying or supine, we comfort with tightly rolled blankets, sometimes taped together to create a sort of 'womb', but I'm a bit confused about how best to support them when they are prone. We frequently have babies who are prone and will end up at the bottom of the isolette, despite our attempts at a sling to keep them in place. They seem to love the blanket rolls when they are on their backs (we roll them really big so their knees are supported, as if they were sitting in a chair, and it helps keep their hips straight, too). Oh, one more thing- if anyone knows of suppliers of neonatal items for the nursery, including linens, admit items, developmental care, pain control, etc., would you mind posting them here? I'm looking for ideas. Thanks!
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  3. by   dawngloves
    We get most of our stuff from Children's Medical Ventures. Nest, bumpers, isolette covers, pacies, gel pads. They have sucrose pacifiers too.Look again.
  4. by   nurseiam
    We also use alot of Children's Medical Venture's products. And I highly recommend the "Preemie for a Day". I went to it at another hospital then broght the stuff back to my unit. Now we are doing preemie for a day. It is an awsome conference. Also watch the videos on their web-site. The babies love the developmental bath.
    As for positioning when prone its important to make sure the shoulders are not arched. I do this by using a thin roll from the groin up, then line up their hips and use a roll to support the feet. try to keep the roll small enough to fit between the nipples so they almost hug the roll.
  5. by   prmenrs
    I agree--Children's Medical Ventures has lots of stuff. We found them VERY expensive, however. We do buy pacifiers (3 sizes) and "wee-pee" diapers, the very small ones. We also got a lot of the squish-on things. We have a big one in the transporters to dampen the ride, esp for really tiny kids. Those ambulances have CR*P*Y shocks!!

    We make our own swaddling cloths--22"square calico, hemmed. Some babies get too hot if you swaddle them in hospital blankets. You can position them prone and swaddled and in a nest. Try not to use the sling thing. As it was described to me, that kid has wworked for HOURS getting into that corner so he can feel secure, and the nurse comes along, lifts him back into the middle of the bed, puts the blanket between his legs and says, "Now, stay there!" He needs to feel enclosed to feel secure and relax enough to gt good sleep and grow.

    I described on another thread that Grandmothers love to make stuff like swaddling cloths, and Moms can do the laundry. Brownie troops have to do a community project before they can get "promoted", and they can make some swaddling cloths (sewing project), and bring them in, let them see a baby thru a window if possible, and they're happy!

    Volunteers can make Isolette covers. We had a nurse who was doing it for a evaluation project. We also got one of the little cuddling nests from CMV, and she used it for a pattern and made us some of those, too.

    We have a second hospital"campus" that was built around ten years ago. we inherited a bunch of bedspreads from them that were the wrong size, so we had linen service come up and measure the incubators and make covers for us. They've lasted forever--not very pretty, but still going strong.

    You can buy pre-quilted material at the fabric store, seam binding all around, and elastic loops to keep it in place. Make a slit in the front side so that you can lift up a flap to check on the baby when necessary. It doesn't have to be inky black in there just darker than the room.

    Sometimes the incubator company makes covers to sell. Buy one, make a pattern, unless they're cheap.

    Once you get going, other people will want to help the babies--it's something tangible they can do for them. People like that.

    You also need a group of nurses to do the laundry. If you put it in the hospital laundry, adios... We don't have a washer and dryer in the unit, so we have a special hamper and people take them home.
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    If you get in touch w/the rep, s/he will bring you samples to try, and a catalog. Ask for a price list, too, but have the smelling salts handy!! The wee-pee diapers seem unnecessary, but they help the baby's hips from being too adducted, which could cause problems later w/walking.

    Can you tell this is something I'm a little passionate about??!!
  7. by   KRVRN
    WE have what what we call snugglies. It's kind of an oval of fabric, with one end of the oval with sort of a fabric wall that stands upright. Then 2 straps that wrap around the whole thing to bind the baby up tight. Our volunteers make them out of flannel in cute prints and colors. Does anyone else use these?
  8. by   prmenrs
    We do--again, we copied, and a nurse made them @ home. One of the volunteer cuddlers made some open crib covers in some attractive quilted fabrics--they're very nice.
  9. by   gauge14iv
    In our unit every baby gets a bendy bumper -

    Expensive yes, but you can roll them around the baby in every way imaginable and the babies seem to be very comfortable in them. They are usually swaddled or placed on tummy pillows inside the bendys.

    The lead rods that make them bendy stay at the hospital when the patient is discharged as they are unit eqipment, but the foam part goes home with the baby

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  11. by   NICU_Nurse
    Is ChildMed the only company that manufactures such things?
  12. by   prmenrs
    We didn't buy bendies--we just made "snakes"--long tubes stuffed w/batting.

    When you have a kid that's unstable you don't want to swaddle, or is under bili lights, take 2 blankets, fold them in 1/2 lengthwise, place it under the baby like a draw sheet, and roll up from either end--actually roll under, so the kid is in the "valley"; make it nice and cozy around him so he's not all flat on the bed--support on both sides. You can even gently tilt him to the left or right to aerate his lungs better.
  13. by   allforthebabies
    I just want to say that I really enjoy reading what nurse's do for the babies in their care. I run a chapter of Newborns In Need in Oklahoma and one of our missions that we do is try to supply hospitals with the things your are talking about. Reading your commits make all the hours of sewing worth it! Knowing that these things are so well needed. We donate all of our items free of charge when funds permit. We have lots of chapters all over the US. And if you contact your local chapter or the national chapter they will be able to put you into contact with someone.
    Again THANK you for all you Do!
  14. by   Preemienurse23
    We use the Snuggleups from childrens medical ventures all the time. We usually have a shortage of them. We also have what we call "snakes" they are bean bag rolls similar to the bendy bumbers. Our threads of love ladies make them for us, as well as clothes for the kids with IVs. Just about every baby has one or both. When we are out of both, we have to rely on blankets.
    I stronlgy recommend the snuggleups. I have put my very "wild" and irritable kids in there and they calm down. I love them.