Cobedding multiples - policy please!

  1. Hi, I'm a third (and final!) year student and am doing my 5000 word assignment on Cobedding multiples. I've found lots of info on it but REALLY need a NNU policy/protocol from a unit that practices it.
    Have just spent 8 weeks on a BIG NICU but was disappointed to find they don't cobed, in fact I can't find anywhere in the UK that does. My lecturer is encouranging me to get my work published to encourage cobedding in this country but I could really use that policy to help them out!
    I really hope you can help!
    Thanks for reading guys and gals!

    Debs xxx
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  3. by   canoehead
    Our cobedding policy is pretty much one line- you can do it if there is no evident infection/illness, and if the babies and parents are all happy with it.
  4. by   BittyBabyGrower
    It is just in our routine infant protocol...if they are both able to be in an open bed then we put them together. If one gets sick, they get separated. If one has something like MRSA, etc, they don't bed together. Parents love to have them in the same bed!
  5. by   prmenrs

    Also search our site--seems like we had a fairly long thread about this a while back. You can 'google' it, too.
  6. by   Tiki_Torch

    I sent you a PM (Private Message) about co-bedding multiples.

  7. by   wensday
    Thanks for all your help, my essay is now well on its way!

    Debs x
  8. by   TiffyRN
    I'll check our policy book this weekend when I go back to work and see if we have a written policy. We co-bed multiples as long as no one is "sick" or on extensive respiratory support (NC ok, CPAP or Vent not ok of course). We even "co-isolette" but it's kind of a pain since by the time they get well enough to be put together there isn't that much room in the isolettes. We have to use our newest biggest isolettes or it is way too cramped. The neos usually let us co-bed them in an open crib because they usually keep each other quite warm, in fact most of the time my temp issues with cobedded siblings is that they are too warm.