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  1. Kind of a crazy question here. Just wondering how your unit cleans bedsides when an infant is either moved to another bed spot, or is discharged. Also, who is responsible for doing this? In regards to isolettes and cribs, who does this cleaning? Just taking a look at our currently policy and thinking of making some changes, so any positive or negative feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   Bortaz, RN
    We call housekeeping to clean the area, and usually either a nurse or (on rare occasions when we have one...) the unit secretary will clean the isolette/crib.
  4. by   umcRN
    Housekeeping cleans the area. Our isolettes go to biomed for a good scrub down (and as a side note our isolettes are changed weekly on any infant that will tolerate it), cribs get cleaned by our techs

    ETA - we also "purple wipe" our bedspaces at least twice a shift, this includes top of nurse server cart, monitors, pumps, bed rails, isolette doors, room door handles, cabinets and any other high touch surface
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  5. by   scb7620
    Housekeeping cleans our bedspaces, and our techs clean the isolettes/cribs. We change our isolettes/cribs out every 30 days. Honestly, we have discussed bedside nurses cleaning bedspaces in the recent weeks- I feel that we are a lot more protective of our babies and may do a better job than housekeeping- sometimes they do a great job but I have watched them do not-so-great jobs too.
  6. by   catlover314
    We have housekeeping clean the bedside at discharge, however our PCTs do a large share of the actual cleaning. They wipe down any plastic wrapped item with Caviwipes and any paperbacked product goes on a cart to be Bioquelled. The bedspaces are all wiped down on a rotating basis so even bedsides with long term patients get a good cleaning at least once every two weeks. On a daily basis, the patient care areas (counters and drawers) are wiped down by nursing or PCTs and isolettes are changed weekly with cleaning by PCTs.
  7. by   littlepeopleRNICU
    The nurses caviwipe down the monitors and bedside, but housekeeping comes in afterward to clean. The isolettes and cribs are cleaned on night shift by a guy who cleans all of our equipment, so dirty isolettes/cribs are taken to a special room for him to get that night. What exactly he cleans them with, I don't know. The techs do the laundry.
  8. by   NicuGal
    We red wipe down our bedspaces and equipment ourselves once per tour of duty. Beds get wiped out with am cares, outer surfaces once per tour of duty. Housekeeping cleans obsoleted and equipment and bedspaces after discharge. Floor gets wet swifter end once daily by housekeeping. Chairs and any other high touch areas get red wiped (cavi wipe) by nursing once a shift. Yeah, we don't get a lot of help from ancillary....and we spend the first 20 minutes cleaning. Sucks.
  9. by   Katie71275
    Im a tech in the NICU. housekeeping cleans the walls, equipment, bedside table, other area. The nurse or nurse tech cleans the isolette.