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Hi guys! I usually post over on the student boards, but I had to peep in here to say THANK YOU! All you NICU nurses are soo awesome and do a great job. I wanted to post some pics of my kiddo who was... Read More

  1. by   2banurse
    Stephie, that's a cute little guy you got there! Best of health to you all!

  2. by   RainbowzLPN
    He is so adorable! What a miracle baby you have!
  3. by   StephieRN2Be
    Thanks everyone!

    I thank God everyday for this walking talking miracle I can hug and kiss. I also am well aware he is NOT THE NORM for a baby born at his gestational age nor his size.

    Funny thing is,I know about 4 27-29 wkrs who are ALL perfectly fine, with no problems and range in age from 3 to 8. Wait, I met one who is 27...so miracles were happening way back then too!

  4. by   Brownbetty
    You have a beautiful family. I just go crazy when I see successful NICU graduates. I wish you the best and hang in there when you hit the books in nursing school

    Neophyte NICU Nurse
  5. by   Brownbetty
    PS Hurray for breastfeeding your son!!!!
  6. by   StephieRN2Be
    originally posted by brownbetty
    ps hurray for breastfeeding your son!!!!
    thanks!! i really hear you on that, i was very happy that i was able to breastfeed. there never was a thought to do otherwise,until he weaned himself :chuckle

    anyways, not to start the breastfeeding debate (so it always turns into, on mothering boards) but i really think that is what has him doing so well in part. god is part, and nurturing is part. but, i have many friends who have full term babies--and they have allergies, rashes, eczema, ear infections and always have colds. it isn't nice to compare, but i always think to myself, that my breastfeeding is the one reason and difference, that makes it so my son doesn't get sick. i would have thought, that having the preemie outta the bunch, he would be the one with sniffles and itchies and getting sick. nope. his entire first year, he never got sick once thank god. only in late december did he get a runny nose, but uh...we all had the flu and he didn't get that

    well, i just wanted to say thanks. i know it makes you guys feel good to see/hear/read the feel good success stories. not that the others baby aren't. but he nicu nurses were like wow!! when he went to visit. i know you guys like to be pleasantly surprised, and not forgotten. trust me, the families are never going to forget a single one of you.:kiss
  7. by   l.rae
    stephanie, congrats, l couldn't get into pic sites though??...anyhoo, my little grandson was a 29 wk.2#5oz....he also was a healthy feed and grow, came home in 4 wks on apnea monitor....for peace of mind....he is now 2 1/2. we call him wildman...for good reason!......LR
    WOW!! You have no idea how much I needed to see this today! I am 27 weeks and have been having problems with contractions and cervical effacement since 20 weeks.....................
    was having a particularly worrisome day today, and now I feel a bit better knowing that there is hope, even if I did end up delivering early.
    Thanks so much for sharing about your little miracle!!!!!
  9. by   nursedawn67
    What a little angel!
  10. by   justine12378
    HI i just wanna smile for you. that is so wonderful that your son is doing so well. I was a preemie when i was born too, also 28 weeks, just thought I'd share the mircle I'm 17, happy and healthy... and i really want to become a neo natal nurse one day. These nurses really did save my life.
  11. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    Stephie......Your son is very very adorable.....Im glad he is well and I want you and your family to have good things come to you. Thanks for posting your story and the pictures I really enjoyed that .......I am a NICU nurse fresh out of school and I encourage you to hang in there and do your best and come and join us...I love the NICU and l like working with the lil ones it gives me a sense of joy to do my best for them in the critical times of their lives..........Take care
  12. by   Bikerchic
    Hi Stephie,
    Just wanted to add my opinion that your son is sooo cute. I'm so glad he is doing so well . And you are gorgeous, and your husband is adorable. Your son was bound to be so cute, I bet he'll be quite the ladies man when he gets older.
    He looks so bright and happy in all his pictures to! It is nice to see a baby who is doing so well. It helps to remember this when I'm under stress, and I wonder if I'm making a difference since I'm new to NICU and all. God bless you and your family.
  13. by   faithful11
    Update on my son again--I LOST MY SIGN IN INFO FROM YEARS AGO, BUT FOUND MY THREAD...this is still stephie! Khalil is now 6 yrs old, in the 2nd grade and is still healthy and happy. Up to this point, from his discharge date til now, he has NEVER gone to the hospital for ANY thing. He has always only needed his scheduled vaccinations, never got the dreaded RSV, never has had the flu or even AN EAR INFECTION. (Thank you Jesus) no glasses, no asthma, no ADD/ADHD, no growth stunting or anything. He is is wonderful. He has stayed on HONOR ROLL since he began school (kindergarten). Ummm...let me try to post some pics, I will even post some oldies so you know it's me. Wait, got to add them to a website, didn't realize that, anyways, let me go do that then edit this.

    ps--I went on to have ANOTHER preemie, a girl who also has been fine healthwise and growthwise. Never had a problem so far. She was a much larger baby than he was, she was almost 4lbs which is small but keep in mind Khalil was shy of 2 lbs by an ounce. She is 3, and he is 6. No more for me. My daughter had a quiet course in the NICU, was in there just shy of one month, as opposed to Khalil's 2mos. She was breastfed just as he was, and I think that's one reason (besides God) that they are both so healthy. She, too, has never gone back to the hospital, has only had minor cold, no flu no ear infection..no developmental or physical delays. The neonatologist also released her early from the follow up visits. He was ready to release her when she was 8mos, but held out until 12 mos. I know all preemies take a different course, but wanted to update you on my two healthy miracles. Gestation is one thing, and miracles are another. Oh,just like Khalil, my daughter (anisa) also didn't come home on any O2, meds or monitors. Matter of fact, she wasn't on o2 in the hospital.


    when he was a baby (so you know its me)

    my daughter--sorry don't have nicu pics.

    both of them a couple years back

    khalil last yr

    anisa last year