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If you haven't seen it yet, this thread has links to a really nice set of 3 newspaper articles about a Level III NICU in Oregon. It's very positive toward nurses. I enjoyed it and hope you do too!


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i read that and thought it was an excellent article. Also this sundays front page featured the overcrowded community colleges and mentioned the health occupations programs as being almost impossible to get into.


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Wow.... so sad. I could totally relate to so much of what Tara was experiencing as I am a new NICU nurse. Especially the "bad dream" part! Does anyone else "work in their sleep?" The other day I got hot while sleeping and was going to throw off the covers when I realized that even if I was hot, I had to keep the babies warm! Ridiculous! I catch alarms all night... I even hear them when I'm awake and NOT at work. I dream about babies each and every time I sleep! Does it get better?



Shea! LOL! No, you'll always have those dreams! It just depends on how tired you are.If I had a dime for evry time I jerked awake from a sound sleep because I thought I was sleeping on the job...

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Thank you for posting that! Those articles made me cry.


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This was so good...I will print it out and bring it to work!

And Shea: I used to dream about work all the time, but now it almost never happens unless I have had a really bad shift.


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Here are links to the complete article (is 4 parts plus an Editors note):

Part 1, 9/21/03:

Part 2, 9/22/03:

Part 3, 9/23/03:

Part 4. 9/24/03:

Editors note 9/24/03:

I do want to mention for those who live outside "our" little corner of the world that the Portland metro area has 2 Level 3 NICUs, the other is OHSU/Doernbecher, both are equally great units. The little guy in my av is a Doernbecher NICU (and open heart) baby.

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Thanks for the links. It's an excellent article. I always enjoy reading about babies and NICU's, and I am a transplanted Oregonian.

How is Dylan doing? It's a good photo of him. Is he 10 mos now?


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