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hi everyone. i start my training for cna next monday and im kind of upset with my bf. im gonna try this and if i like it im gonna go to school for my nursing degree. anyway when i told my bf of 2 yrs that i start my new job on monday he got all upset. when i asked him y he started going off on me. he said he didnt want me looking or touching other guys penises. now hes got me so upset i dont know if i should even go ahead with the training. exactly how much will i be seeing and touching guys penises? is this an everday thing or a once every so often thing?

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Oh geez. Ask him to picture this: He's the one taking the class. He has to wipe ass and clean old lady vagina all day. You get all jealous and suspicious. How ridiculous is that?

Or ask him, as a young guy, to pretend he gets in an accident and breaks both his arms and legs tomorrow. He's in the hospital and CNAs like you have to do everything for him- wipe his butt, help him bathe, feed him, and yes, clean his peen. Ask him if that would be erotic.


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Ditto what fuzzy said. She/he said it perfectly. This is compassionate care and he should be proud of you. Someone has to take care of the know that you will most likely only be eligible for work at a LTC facility (nursing home) right..most hospitals want at least 6 months experience? You are following your calling. You will know if this is for you or not. Best wishes to you.

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oh for pitys sake...get rid of this guy ...if he's that jealous and immature what kind of future relationship lies ahead?? Yes, you will be doing that every day and trust me it has absolutely NOTHING to do with sex. Its a human body for gads sake. It needs cleaning. Tell your bf that and to grow up and stop being ridiculous.


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This guy sounds like hes a bit of a control freak , lucky you found our now rather than later

id say get on with your careeer and let him deal with it,, he will respect you more in the long run for sticking to your plan, how old is he?



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Oh geeze! This guy doesnt sound too smart. Does he really think that cleaning stool off of an old mans penis or an old womans vagina is anything sexual at all. Oh geeze...I am a 22 y/o male and I have wiped so much vagina....AND penis it doesnt do anything for me at work. Tell this guy to grow up and stop being a moron. :mad:


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well i dont want to dump him. we're in love with each other. he's been a really great boyfriend. this is really the first big fight we've ever had. i think what the problem really might be is he's not really endowed and he's insecure about me seeing and handling ones that are.


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Oops OP, you went too far. Not a bad troll for a while though.


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OK people, lets give her the benefit of the doubt. Carrie, if this is a real post, then it really seems like your boyfriend is immature. Hey, maybe you are too.

Immature ..not in a bad way, just very uninformed about life ie: not alot of life experience. Please don't take this as a insult.

Carrie, if this is a fake (troll) then, I hope it is fun for you and shame on you.

I don't believe it is. Best wishes.


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wow i really didn't think I'd be insulted on here just for asking a simple question. my boyfriend is not a moron. he's a good decent man who treats me well. we have a nice life together. i can't believe u guys are calling him names cuz he's got a problem with one little part of my job duties. i got on this site for help in how to talk to him and reassure him about this not for u to call him names. and i dont know what a troll is but im betting its not very nice. im very sorry i posted anything in this site.


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Carrie, a troll is someone whose posts are not real and neither is the person who they say they are. I don't know why those people thought your post was a fake. I didn't but I thought they knew something I didn't because I'm new to this site also. Honestly, your question was a little silly. I'm thinking you guys are young. I'm sorry if I offended you. Please forgive me. Please keep posting and asking questions. hurt feelings.


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With that said, think of all of the healthcare positions today. Healthcare professionals of all kinds see the private parts of the patients. This is reality. I think your boyfriend was only thinking about losing you and not what you are doing.... being compassionate and caring for people. If you think about it now, can you understand where some of us are coming from? Especially if we are much older than you?

Some people have been rude and I'm sorry for them too!

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