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  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from angel_rn
    hi, i actually have a similar dilemma as PROVERBS. I intend to apply for licensure in New Mexico but would eventually want to work in NY. I've been browsing the forums for the last couple of hours, but so far I haven't seen a clear cut answer to these questions:

    1. If I get my license in NM and want to endorse, how long would it take me to finally be licensed in NY?

    2. Will having a license in NY allow me to work there as a nurse while my VisaScreen is processed?

    Thanks a lot in advance! :spin:
    If you are wanting to work in NY then you have to follow requirements of foreign trained nurse which means CVS you can not just endorse your license. VSC is a requirement for immigration and obtaining a work permit so without it you can not work especially at the moment with retrogression you can not go to the US with intent of going through the AOS as currently no visas to adjust and do not expect this route to open up for a few year. Also if AOS route is open you need VSC when starting the file. You really need to have a good read in the International forum as many nurses are effected by retrogression and expect it for a few years unless something is sorted especially for countries like Philippines, India and China where the demand for work visas are much higher than many other countries
  2. by   angel_rn
    hi silverdragon, thanks a lot for the info. will keep that in mind
  3. by   FranEMTnurse
    Hi there Christy and Ted. Hope all is well with you. Hello Furst. Are you a newbie?
  4. by   367tank
    Thanks for the welcome!

    One more year to go for the BSN!
  5. by   PreLPN07
    hey stuffbubby541, i was just wondering how was the lpn program @ southern westchester boces i am from long island and condsidering applying to the school I would like 2 get ur feedback
  6. by   367tank
    Anyone about Lenox Hospital as a place of employment for nurses?
    Are they a good employer, are they supportive of their nurses?
  7. by   sunny261
    Hi from a little west of Albany....
  8. by   367tank

    Living in Middletown. I have heard some good things about Albany Hospital. Which one do you recommend for employment?
  9. by   sunny261
    Where is middletown? There are many hospitals in the albany area. What are you looking for?
  10. by   Babs0512
    Hi all, Central NY nurse here, I agree, fingerlakes wine is the best! looking forward to many discussions.

    I have one - what is your nurse/patient ratio in the PACU of your hospitals?
  11. by   ricknick92
    Hi All from NYC. New to the site and have enjoyed the posts!!
  12. by   dg05
    We have a ratio of 1:2 usually.
  13. by   luckyluck
    :heartbeatHi all NY nurses! I'm new to the site but wanted to get involved as I am a brand new nursing student starting my first year studies at NCCC in Sanborn. Hope to be in touch with you all!:heartbeat