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Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

  1. by   Miaizon
    Hey Grindin,

    Just wondering if you ever got my email?
  2. by   Grindin26
    Quote from Miaizon
    Hey Grindin,

    Just wondering if you ever got my email?
    When did you send it? I got some religious email, from some one here, was that you?

    Other than that I doubt I got anything from anyone here recently.
  3. by   Miaizon
    LOL No, no solicitation from me..I emailed you via allnurses. I'll try to pm instead.
  4. by   LiFutureNurse
    I am new to this site, so I have not had the time to go through all threads. My question is, for those who have taken the entrance exam at VEEB, what study materials did you use to prepare? Any particular study guides? Any and all information will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you! And congrats to all that have passed their boards!
  5. by   AC-allfourme10
    There are jobs for LPN but they are usually in nursing homes. Certain hospitals don't hire LPN, they want you to have your RN yo work there. I feel the same way, this is my stepping stone. I will have a job once I'm done because my job is paying for it so I'm not worried but I understand your concern. I guess they want us to have the mindset that we should aim higher than just the LPN behind our name
  6. by   akanini
    The instructors can say what ever they want, but at the end of the day do what you feel is right for you. But when you're actually in the thick of things like I am right now, the RN degree can't get here fast enough.


    Not everyone was born to be a have o do what's best for YOU. The instructors will always try to encourage you to go on. It's a part of their job. To encourage you to do BETTER. VEEB really babies the I'm so glad I made it through. Just do your best to get through VEEB and go for your RN when YOU are ready to do so!! BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE!
  7. by   Miss L$$
    hello i am new to the forum , i am so confused about my current situation,i live in nyc and looking for a very good lpn program . I was planning on moving to maryland to go to an lpn there because it is cheaper , the charge for the program is 8,000 but im not sure about the reputation of the program , i hear so much talk about veeb but veeb is like 12,000 an that means ill would have to save money in order to pay for the program because i am not eligible for financial aid even though with the program at maryland i would still have to pay 500 a month, i really dont want to move there an find out the program is horrible but im also lookin at cost of living an payment plan of lpn program. im going to take the test at veeb just in case for the 2010-2011 yr , i dont want to be a fool an move around for nothing can anyone please offer me some advice i would really appreciate thanks so much
  8. by   NurseGurl09
    Actually VEEB is $12,000 for Nassau County residents....its $12,500 for those not living in nassau county. I'm not saying this to discourage you from VEEB, because VEEB is worth the $$$, in my opinion. What is the name of the LPN school you were looking at in MD? Maybe you could make a list of pros and cons? If it were me, I would probably want to try and find a way to stay in NY. I dont know if I would want to move out of state for an LPN program, but that is just me. If you do decide to go with VEEB, there are plenty of people on this site who can answer your questions and help you along your journey. Welcome!
  9. by   Miss L$$
    thank you nurse gurl the name of the school is called ultimate health school its actually in Virgina i thought it was Maryland but in Virgina,i was also relocating because i need to move out my location ,not good need to focus so i wanted to get out of it that way by going there maybe my plan to do it that way is not good i really have to sit down an do the pros and cons like you said
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  10. by   NurseGurl09
    You have to figure out what will be the best thing for YOU, and whats going on in your life. All i can tell you is, VEEB is no joke! You have to devote ALOT of time for studying. VEEB is the focus of my life and beleive me, when there is drama going on in your life (like everyone has, to some extent), it is going to affect your grades. If you were planning on relocating anyway, then thats a different story. Make sure they dont charge more for "out of state" students, because they may not consider you a resident until you have lived there for a certain amount of time. (I'm not positive about that, but i know thats how colleges look at it). Good luck in your search!
  11. by   kitkat27
    hello where can i buy a study guide for the veeb entrace exam? does any one know i have been out of school for a while and want to go to the veeb school ?
  12. by   kitkat27
    also. i hear the test was easy. but for someone who has been out of school for a while it might be harder. ? what should i know ?
  13. by   lidowest
    hey guys, does anyone know if we get our final exam grades this week? or do we get them in the mail

    good luck tom