Stony Brook Basic BSN Fall 2012

  1. Hello everyone!

    I applied to Stony Brook's Basic (2-year) BSN program 3 weeks a go and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum.

    If you are:

    currently applying or plan on applying, a former applicant, a current SBU student, I'd love to hear from you!

    Has everyone finished their perquisites? Does anyone else have a not so competitive GPA (like me)? Does anyone know who is considered a competitive applicant? Where is everyone else applying?

    I look forward to speaking with everyone and hopefully entering the Fall '12 class together!

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  3. by   Mindylane
    Hi there,
    I'm happy that this thread was started, because although I applied to the one-year program (and was rejected!) I think ultimately, the 2-year would be better for me, given that I'll likely have to have some kind of income while I attend to school, and I'm also married with two cats and would like to be able to be home once in awhile.

    I am anxiously waiting to see if I'll get into the 2-year program. I went to Stony Brook from 2006-2008 (I graduated early, thanks to a tremendous course load during those years, and transferring from Boston University, which is where I went as a freshman). My degree was in Psychology, and I'm 12 credits short from a second bachelor's degree in Philosophy (I decided not to finish it since it's almost as useless as a Psychology degree... in fact, MORE useless than a psychology degree! and because I graduated early, I was able to spend 6 months with my husband in Australia).

    My undergraduate GPA was a 3.6. I got B+s in all of my prerequisites. Those grades aren't great, but I have been working full-time, and it was difficult to put a great deal of effort into the prereqs, as I took them at Nassau Community College after work. I volunteered/interned for one day a week from August until December at a nurse's office for a non-profit that I used to work for. Then I got a new job, and had to quit the internship.

    I desperately want to go to school to be a nurse, and I had a wonderful experience at Stony Brook the first time around, so I'm hoping this works out. I think that I had pretty strong letters of recommendation and an excellent personal statement, but I think my grades are what kept me out of the one year program.

    I'd also be interested in hearing what other applicants had in terms of GPAs and nursing experience!
  4. by   kitkats4breakfs
    Australia wow! Thanks for replying. I recently spent 6 months in FL. I have a 3.4 gpa and tons of experience volunteering within my community and local nursing home. I wrote a dynamite essay and had three amazing letters of recommendation. Though my gpa is not competitive, I feel I have a good shot at getting.

    What other schools did you apply to?
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  5. by   neeeruam
    Yay! I'm happy someone started this thread, I've been reading threads from 08 and earlier to try and get some info!! I'm DYING over here waiting to find out!!! I check SOLAR everyday..sometimes more than once!! ; ) Any idea when acceptances go out!?!?!
  6. by   Buckeroo
    Hi Folks. I am in the first year of the 2 year Basic RN program at SBU SoN. I just happended to ask two days ago about the decision status for the class of 2014 and the answer was that "We are working on it now". Seem like they are ahead of last years schedule so I hope for all your sakes it comes out soon. Waiting stinks. I would have to say it is an outstanding program overall. It is not Disney and is tons of work, but if you keep up with the myriad assignments and take it as seriously as your patients would like you to (ha) it is do-able. First sememster Health Assessment and Fundamentals intructors were awesome, and I had a clinical professor at SBUH that was truly inspirational. You will also meet some great folks in the seats next to you that make the experience that much better, don't forget about them for support and also when they need your help.Best of luck to you all, and no matter what stick to it and follow your dreams.
  7. by   kaywal17
    Its so great to here from someone in the program! I applied to the two year as well as the one year. I was placed as an alternate in the one year program, but i am hoping to have better luck with the two year.

    Which brings me to my question. I heard from someone that graduated from the one year that the two year is even harder to get into if you are not from SB. That most of the students that apply to this program are taking all their classes and prereqs from SB so they are given preference. Is that true? I have my first degree from Ithaca college and i have a 3.6 in Business communications. I have a 4.0 in all my prerqs that i took at suffolk community college. What is your class like? Are there people of all ages or mostly 1st degree students? Thanks you so much for all the information and words of encouragement. It is much appreicated Good luck to all of you waiting!
  8. by   Buckeroo
    There sure are quite a few SBU students, but I don't think a disproportionate number. I have rather varied background but also did my prereqs at Suffolk. SBU of course has a rep as a tough science school and it is true, but you did well in your preparations and will do fine here. Of course their selection process is a little different with the essay, letters etc, but overall the class is definately made up of some sharp characters.

    Class age ranges from those who turned 20 after class started to early 50's (like yours truly). Very interesting group of folks and there are a million group projects and presentations so it is essential to work together. Hated them at first, until you realize how interesting some of your classmates are, and the type of personality that brought them to this place. Now I actually enjoy the experience.

    Best of luck Kaywal17 and everyone else out there! Hope you hear soon.

    Buckeroo out!
  9. by   BioD1234
    I'm so glad I found this!! I have been reading stuff from years ago! Has anyone gotten any notification about the basic program for fall 2012? I'm DYING to know! I like run to the mailbox everyday like a crazy person. The suspense is killing me!
  10. by   nynurse1232b
    BioD1234, You're not the only crazy one on here! I check the solar and my mailbox everyday hoping something is in there. I think we should be hearing something soon!
  11. by   Paws18
    I have been doing the same also, its driving me nutty, i check the solar account often.... and I'm like the mailbox ninja everyday...
  12. by   kitkats4breakfs
    So what is everyone's GPA, extracurricular activities, and volunteer experience?

    I have been told that we will know our decisions mid April. I hate the long wait.
  13. by   BioD1234
    Well I am in the last semester of my prerequisites and so far I have a 4.0..I volunteer 2-3 days a week at the neurology research lab at stony brook university..I think I wrote a good essay..I heard you really have to sell yourself..but I also heard of people that have a 4.0 that didn't get in, even with volunteer work so nothing is set in stone..I'm just really nervous to find out and I want to be put out of my misery soon lol!
  14. by   Paws18
    I finishing my unrestricted electives for SBU this semester, last semester I finished w/ a 3.8gpa. I'm CPR BLS w/ AED certified and I volunteer at a major hosp affiliated w/ stony brook. Where I get to talk to some of the nurses that went through the SBU nursing program. They tell me so many nice things about it! And going for the bachelors program is the best route to go. I'm so nervous because I know someone that applied was wait listed. She has a 4.0 and applied for both the basic two year and accelerated. And its her second year applying! Best of luck to everyone!! I just want to know already the wait is too much lol