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Hi , I'm new to the board and am just lookin for some info about Saint Vincent's School of Nursing in Staten Island .... I heard it a really good program and just wanted some imput about it... Read More

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    thanks so much for the information
  2. by   nadia11386
    Quote from Conrad283
    I am currently attending the St. Vincent's SON. I am not going to offer my personal opinion because they were bought by another company, so things are going to change (and in some ways they have already started to change).

    The clinical experience is good there because they have many different areas that the students do their rotations on.

    Also, Bayley Seton Hospital (which is a beautiful campus) was purchased and it is going to be turning into an active living center for senior citizens, so the site of the SOn is going to be changing (I think I heard to South Avenue, but don't hold me to it).

    I am going to be graduating this December, and if you have any questeions, you can write them here, or PM me.
    hi i just read your post,
    i have applied to this college for january 2009
    how was the net exam? how much does it count towards the entrance to the program? i took A and P I and II from last june 2007 in BMCC and Laguarida, will they make me take it again.... any ideas..?
    i have all my lib art courses completed except for literature and sociology. do they allow students to take courses in other colleges while being in their program? i would not want to go to st frances and pay so much for these two classess consisting of 6 credits. do we have options?
    they dont tell anything thats why im asking... i will wait for ur response please guide me.
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    Quote from kell1375
    I agree! All of the instructors during my experience have been excellent.
    They also decided to stay at the current campus. They are expanding to another floor of Bayley Seton.
    I wonder how that's possible since the hospital is supposed to close. Interesting.

    It was a good experience when I was there. I hope yours is just as enjoyable.
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    Quote from Conrad283
    I wonder how that's possible since the hospital is supposed to close. Interesting.

    It was a good experience when I was there. I hope yours is just as enjoyable.

    The building is actually not closing. Some of the substance abuse programs housed in that building have left, but the psychiatric er is still up and running. The school also expanded, and now has additional floors. They added a new clinical lab and more student lounges. Also, computer rooms for students to practice NCLEX looks great!
  5. by   wright5
    hi im new to all of this and i have just been accepted to st vincents school of nursing and im 90% sure ive been accepted to CSI nursing program also but wont know until january. Can anyone give insight about the two. The differences and similarities and which one would you go to? thanks alot

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    Hello Everyone! I am also new to the board and just recently got accepted to the January 09' class at SVCMC. I'm so excited! I'm just finishing up all the paperwork that they need, anyone have any info about financial aid? I applied and now have to speak with the school on what i was awarded, are loans available?

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    and in response to insight about csi and saint vincents: i work at SIUH and know many nurses who graduated from both programs. They are all great nurses from both csi and st vincents, the pro's about saint vincents is that the classes are much smaller so you can get the extra help needed and its more personal, csi has a great program too though.
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    Hi All,

    Im interested in the ST. Vincent's SON and was on the website but couldn't really get any info as to how to get a application or things like that. Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated!!

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    I was wondering if you still check this site b/c I see this is from a while ago I would like to ask you some questions if that is oK?
  10. by   StaceyBrooklyn
    HI I am applying now to this school Was it hard to get in? I am doing a carrer change. I been out of college for 20 yrs now.. I heard they receive a few hundreds apps and only take 20 and how was the PAX exam? being out of school so long its making me worry.
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    I am also doing a career change, and I am pretty much rounding out the schools I want to attend mainly staying from Cuny school I want a more personable experience. I was looking into SV School of nursing, but I wasnt really able to get any info, and the website is very generic I attempted an email and was referred back to the website, and when I called (on several occasions) I didnt get a answer or a message returned. How was you able to get in contact with them?
  12. by   StaceyBrooklyn
    I just really called and they answered all my questions.. I guess its whoever you get on the phone? but I graduated 20 yrs ago from college so none of my classes transfer but SVSN didnt need any prerequiste classes for some reason.. I think b/c you take it when you are in that school.. I would love to go to a CUNY school b/c its thousands cheaper but I need to do this carrer change asap and taking the prerequiste courses does not guarantee me to get into the school. What r u planning?? I dont know if I will even get in.
    but I am hoping.
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    Hi everyone,

    I was called to schedule an interview with the school this morning. It will be on this coming Thursday. I was wondering if anyone had some helpful hints as to what I should expect. I'd appreciate it!