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I'm starting clinicals in the spring of 2008 at NYU. Is anyone else applying to NYU or going to start clinicals in the spring? I'm taking the prereqs right now at nyu, so feel free to ask my any... Read More

  1. by   graceland
    Oh wow, i can't believe they don't offer deferment!!! well, i might have to just jump in and do it now, i really don't want to have to go thru another application, etc....ugh. I will be paying more to take the pre-reqs, but it will be faster than finishing them at cuny. Are you going full or part time? thanks for help!
  2. by   lilkaymin
    You're welcome. I'm full time. It would take forever if you try to do it part time!!!!!!
  3. by   graceland
    Do you have any peers who also go full-time and hold part-time jobs??? I know its probably impossible, but just trying to research a little!

  4. by   moira5520
    Any current NYU Nursing Students have advice on where the best or worst clinical sites/preceptors are? I start NYU's 15 month program in Fall 08 and would love some advice!

  5. by   rainrain
    Dear Jenthehen

    what would happen to you if you are a hepatitis b carrier? does NYU require a blood test for hepatitis B in order to be placed in clinical sites?
  6. by   rainrain

    I just got accepted into NYU nursing, I have a question about the physical exam. Does NYU require a physical exam such as blood test to test hepatitis b before start the clinical?

    what would happen to a student if she is a hepatitis b carrier?