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I have applied to Nassau Community College's Nursing Program for the third and final time. I have been declined two other times and if I get denied a third time I will not apply again. It is getting... Read More

  1. by   oldcatlady71
    Dibbs, if you are a NCC student RIGHT NOW then the way you applied is correct. However, if you are not a student at NCC already you have to first apply to the school pay the $40 application fee and THEN apply to the NCC program. So my friend wasn't a student at NCC so she applied through the school's application not the way you and I applied. But all I know is she applied and today she told me they called her. So maybe in a way it is better that we have not heard anything yet! While my friend has the heart to be a nurse, her grades aren't exactly there yet (not to say I am getting in either lol) and I wish her the best of luck and hope she doesn't give up either. So maybe they cancel out people who don't meet the GPA requirements and call them first?
  2. by   Muttlover
    Oldcatlady 71,

    Thanks for your response and for the info. I'm relieved to know I applied correctly. If we both wind up accepted, I already know I can sit next to someone who knows what's going on!

    I'm sorry for your friend, but hopefully she'll make her way thru and into a program. Good luck to us both!
  3. by   oldcatlady71
    I know this threads topic is NCC but I was chatting with you guys wanted to share I got accepted to Farmingdale!! So excited, still waiting to hear from NCC tho lol.
  4. by   nurse2btracy
    Quote from oldcatlady71
    I know this threads topic is NCC but I was chatting with you guys wanted to share I got accepted to Farmingdale!! So excited, still waiting to hear from NCC tho lol.
    Congratulations! I was going to apply to Farmingdale but I missed the deadline which was much earlier than NCC's.
  5. by   oldcatlady71
    yeah the deadline was like January 15th... it's like a secret over there lol
  6. by   Muttlover
    Old Cat Lady,

    When you've got news that INCREDIBLY GREAT TO SHARE, glad you told us no matter what the thread title is!!!!

    My brother is in Farmindale's RN program and he absolutely loves it!!!! He is bugging me to apply there as well. If I don't get into NCC, I will apply the next time Farmingdale is taking applications.


  7. by   oldcatlady71
    Haha thank you even though I probably broke some sacred forum rules for posting here I was just sooo excited. My mom of course went on vacation today so she wasn't home for me to tell so I had to explode somewhere lol.
  8. by   Muttlover
    Sorry to hear your mom wasn't home to share your good news. It's such great news and I'm so glad you shared it with us! I know you'll be having a happy weekend! Like I said, my brother loves Farmingdale. He said the professors are really terrific and supportive of the students. Getting a seat in a nursing program today is like gold!Congratulations again!!!!!!
  9. by   Natingale
    Thats very strange to get a phone call stating that you were accepted. Especially at nassau? Never heard of such a thing, unless they already sent a denied letter out and a seat became available. Even so, they still send out letters.

    Good luck to you all ...You do hear back from them in the middle/end of April
  10. by   oldcatlady71
    No no no I didn't get a phone call from NCC, I think you're replying to my post about my friend. I said my friend received a phone call from NCC stating she was NOT accepted. I received a packet from Farmingdale with all my acceptance information.
  11. by   Natingale
    Oh dang ..even worse, she wasnt accepted?

    hopefully she gets into another program
  12. by   oldcatlady71
    Does anyone know when the letters for NCC are going out?
  13. by   Muttlover

    Hi, according to NCC they go out middle to end of April. Of course, I've been checking/double checking everyday! Not fun to wait.