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Mt. Sinai $68,000 effective 1/07... Read More

  1. by   nyforlove
    but, remember, that total "compensation" consists of more than just salary...see my earlier post attempting to compare the value of memorial sloan's pension with that of its competitors..... would appreciate it if you had some specifics on the pension at memorial sloan---they may not be so forthcoming with the details???? thanks.

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    memorial sloan kettering cancer center-- bone marrow transplant floor (started in july) but on hold now till i pass my nclex-- however.. starting salary is 70k.. then when i start nights it'll be 75k/year.. i think it's the highest starting salary in ny.. maybe even top 3 in the country.. not to mention, a very very good hospital!! =) i did an internship there the summer before my last year in nursing school and that helped me get my job there after graduation.. they actually called me for the interview.. and i only interviewed there .. was hired and that's that.. just praying i pass this dumb test!!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   olivia28
    Quote from NewYorkGirl
    About a month ago I called a bunch of hospitals and asked their starting salaries without giving my name (no one asked). I noticed that most of the hospital salaries posted so far are for NYC which pays a lot better than Westchester or Putnam County, but for people who live a bit upstate (like me), here's what I found.

    Montrose VA Hospital is $59,198 to start, and it's 8hr days 5 days a week.

    Bronx VA Hospital is $68,000 to start. Med-Surg and ICU are 12hr shifts, I think they said Psych is 8hrs.

    Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla starts at $55,984, plus a $1000 differential for BSN, plus a $1600 differential for night shift.

    Four Winds Hospital in Katonah - a psych hospital - starts at $28/hr, with 12 hr shifts, and I think that works out to about $53K a year. But I've heard that they vary what they quote from $25-$29/hr.

    Putnam Hospital Center starts at $27/hr, and BSN's get $27.75. On the phone they said this is $53,400 a year. They have 8 hr shifts.

    Hope this helps! I don't intend to pick my job based just on the salary, though - it's more important to me to have a shorter daily commute to work, and to have a 3 day work week with 12 hr shifts!
    Thank you for posting this info!:spin:
  3. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Quote from BSNin2008
    That is a great tool but I'm not sure it is totally accurate. I am graduating next May from a BSN program here in NY and from what everyone tells me at the different hospitals I've been doing clinicals at, the starting pay for new grads is about $70-72 thousand. I've also had people tell me that they work overtime and make close to $90,000 in the NYC area. Granted, the cost of living here is terrible, but you can live decently here in NY on $90,000. I guess it depends on where you want to live too. Even though I'm from CA, I love NY and plan on staying after graduation.
    But there is one benefit NYC has that CA doesn't can totally get by without having a car which in itself can be a major expense.
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    what about Newburgh and Poughkeepsie salaries? I heard the RN's @ St.Lukes in City of Newburgh w/overtime are making close to 100 thousand/yr.
  5. by   NewYorkGirl
    I just got a job offer from Four Winds Hospital in Katonah, NY for when I graduate (yay!) and they said it would be 55K for 3 12hr shifts a week, or 60K on the night shift.

    Until I graduate (May 08) I'll be working there as a Mental Health Worker for 11.79/hr part time while I finish up my last semester.

    I can't wait to graduate, I've come down with a major case of senioritis! :spin:
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    Quote from tinderbox
    Oh and anything more than 5 patients on a step-down unit sounds dangerous! I was at a different hospital in the area where the step-down unit nurses got 4 patients, on days and on nights, which is much more reasonable.
    park Slope is gorgeous though. I loved that area.
    Which hospital did you work at with the 4:1 ratio?

    I'm originally from Brooklyn & I'm considering moving back up there. Florida is just not the place for me for many reasons. I also want to work in a hospital with a union. Tired of the crap the hospitals get away with down here without a union.
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    Quote from FutureRN19
    Does anyone know the starting salary for SIU(Staten Island University Hospital) and St Vincents Madical center in Staten Island.
    Do you work in Staten Island now? I'm in Florida now in a Cardiac Stepdown unit. I am considering moving back to N.Y. (original home). I also want to advance to a CCU unit. Does anyone have info on N.Y. hospitals in Brooklyn, S.I. or Manhattan that are known for Cardiac & their salaries & work environment ??Thank you.
  8. by   Ironclad
    Quote from SarasotaRN2b
    But there is one benefit NYC has that CA doesn't can totally get by without having a car which in itself can be a major expense.
    That's because in place like Manhattan it costs up to $1,000/month to rent a parking spot. NYC is so crowded and expensive...
    And you can not compare NY climate to CA climate either...
    I've heard that at some NY hospitals ratios are 1:7, 1:8. Is that true?
  9. by   MrsGPR
    You know what?
    I am hearing rumours that NSLIJ will hire new grads at 80K...
    Can anyone here confirm or deny that?

    Working as a tech, I do certainly appreciate the value of "hospital quality" over salary. I will be more than willing to work for a little less pay in a hospital that takes excellent care of their staff. Little things such as adequate break areas, clean work environment and comprehensive benefits mean alot as well. Although, most likely, the good hospitals pay well on top of all of that because they have to stay competitive. It's a great time to be a nurse (or so they say)....
  10. by   bleta10
    New grads with AS at NSLIJ starting at
    63,517 + 5,100 for night .I Was offered a medical surgical position today by them.
  11. by   MrsGPR
    Congratulations bleta10...

    Keep us posted on how it goes!!
  12. by   OLDCARTS
    Quote from bleta10
    New grads with AS at NSLIJ starting at
    63,517 + 5,100 for night .I Was offered a medical surgical position today by them.
    Thanks for the information, Bleta10. I'll be interviewing with them in March for a Med/Surg position. I don't graduate 'til May? Have you already graduated?
  13. by   bleta10
    I graduated May of 2007. Took the summer of and went to europe to spend some time with my children because i had a baby during nursing school and i needed some time off. Came back in september and took the NCLEX in october. I passes it with 75-questions.
    If you plan to work right after school dont waste any time start looking for jobs. It is not as easy for new graduates especially if you want to go into a specialty.