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Mt. Sinai $68,000 effective 1/07... Read More

  1. by   maybesooninny
    The whole place sucks. Patients think the nursing care is great, but us nurses themselves feel like there are cameras somewhere waiting for us to drop a pill or get a BP wrong so one of the nasty women from nurse education can come up to the floor with her clip board and cut you off.
  2. by   PRNketamine7
    I know! I'm so glad someone else feels that way about NWH. I worked there as a tech. Horrible. Everyone is in a clique. And if you don't belong they come after you and talk about you behind your back.
    I'm not starting my nursing career off there.
    I'm sorry you had to. Just put in the time and get out. .
  3. by   maybesooninny
    That place is AWFUL. I can't imagine anyplace being worse. Senior Management works so hard to keep their "Planetree" status. Planetree my butt. They are so evil.
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  4. by   PRNketamine7
    I was so greatful to get out of there. I got a bad review from my supervisor because one nurse on the floor (that she was friends with) decided she didn't like me and made up a whole bunch of stuff about me. I tried to talk to the supervisor about how it wasn't true, and I couldnt believe she didn't talk to me before putting it on paper (the nurse didn't talk to me either) and she said it wasn't meant to be a punishment, it was for learning. Sorry, no.
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  6. by   orangern10
    Starting salary for any long island hospitals would be greatly appreciated , like LIJ, NSLIJ, Winthrope, thank you!
  7. by   hungryforhummus
    Hi Nessa,

    Do you still work for Lenox hill? I am trying to get hired there and I was wondering if you could tell me anything about your hiring process - did you apply online? did you have to follow up, or did they call you?
  8. by   NurseLatteDNP
    Quote from nyforlove
    I can only speak from my experience and what others have specifically told me, but I do think that 12 patients on med-surg would be an extreme case, perhaps where someone called in sick...I don't think that would be considered a "typical" load...I worked a "step-down floor" and had between 5 and 9 patients...the contract specifies one-to-seven nurse-to-patient ratio, ...
    That seems extremely unsafe to me. I work in Texas and at my hospital they just raised the nurse to patient ration on med-surg to 1:5 on days and on nights 1:6. Before that, we never went over 1:4 on med-surg.
    Our step-down is mandated 1:3 nurse to pt ratio, and ICU 1:2 and 1:1.
  9. by   FutureRN19
    Pls keep posts RELEVENT to the topic of discussion, which in this case is NY hospitals &, it's salaries!!
  10. by   shadowness
    Anyone know starting salary for any of the following hospitals?

    Mount Sinai
    Montefiore North Division

  11. by   one.two.three
  12. by   shadowness
    That salary page is about 3 years old. Adding one to list...

    Westchester Medical Center
  13. by   myRN85
    Mount Sinai-- New Grad BSN= $35.??/hr (forgot the change, but it's not $35 flat), 10% night diff, and you get paid Weekly