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  1. Isolation patients

    That makes sense. Going to see if we can make some changes. Seems counterintuitive to me that as PACU nurses we're supposed to be at the patient's bedside doing real-time charting for the time they're with us but the computer is outside.
  2. Isolation patients

    How does everyone handle isolation patients in the PACU setting? If you have only bays, do you just pull a cart over to the end of the bed? Do you really gown up and down as you step pass that imaginary line? If you have rooms or a room dedicated to...
  3. Maryland Board of Nursing Horrors

    I am moving to MD in about 2 months so recently applied for an endorsement license from NY. I drove down to Baltimore a few weeks ago to try to deal directly with the BON because of all the negative comments here. I did my fingerprint card right ther...
  4. Rotating shifts on the Eastern Shore

    Hi - I am relocating to the Eastern Shore from the Northeast. Pretty much every job I see (for floor nursing) is a rotating shift. I'm a bit apprehensive about this as I've always been on day shift and at my age am just not sure how well I'll be able...
  5. I will be moving to NYS next year and want to get my NY license prior to moving, since most hospitals seem to require that you have an active license to even interview. I am currently licensed in a compact state. Is there any problem with my maintain...
  6. Albany-area hospitals

    I'm moving to the Albany area this spring and would love some feedback on area hospitals (Albany Medical, Albany Memorial, St. Peter's, etc.) in terms of reputation, culture, pay, etc. I know that Albany Medical is supposed to be a great teaching en...
  7. Dartmouth-Hitchcock NRP... any news???

    Hi - curious whether you've heard anything?? I just recently applied.
  8. Pediatric Clinical

    Hi. I was hesitant about doing the peds clinical: I like kids but am not head over heels about them the way some of my classmates are. Also I was nervous about seeing very sick children. I thought I might find that too emotionally difficult.I just fi...
  9. Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    Does anyone know what starting salary is at Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, NY? Thanks!
  10. Starting salary for new RN grads at NHRMC

    sfmusso84: curious to hear how your interview went, and what kind of vibe you got from the place. I'm interested in NH as well but not for another 9 mos or so.
  11. Duke ABSN Spring 2011

    Hi all - just found this thread. I'm accepted for 2011 as well and look forward to meeting you all! I'm headed to the fb group shortly to sign up.... I need to take micro as my last pre req and have signed up for a nutrition class online on a pass/fa...
  12. Microbiology fall 2010

    I am taking it this fall as my last pre-req as well. I've been accepted to Duke for their accelerated program starting Jan ... Woo hoo! Am glad for this thread as I would like the support. Took my a and p classes at a different community college and ...
  13. Duke - January 2011

    Hi all - just found out today that I'm accepted for the Jan term! So psyched. Badgrbabe look forward to meeting you! Anyone else out there get in and going? Who is moving from out of state? Christine
  14. Hi - I'm starting A&P I and Inorganic Chem this weekend (yes, Labor Day weekend....!) at Rockland Community College (Rockland County, in NY). Anyone in those classes let me know if you're interested in connecting, online or maybe in a study group...
  15. Help! Organic v inorganic chem?

    Ok, I'm using the "ask the audience" lifeline on this one! Most of the nursing programs I've looked at require at least one chemistry with a lab. I never took chemistry as part of my original bachelor's degree 20 years ago, and only vaguely remember ...