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  1. Hi all. Was hoping someone could help describe the interview process to me at Montefiore. I am a new graduate, and have an interview with HR this week. Do they hire right on the spot after the interview with HR? Also, if I am hired, I'm curious about what the orientation process is like for new graduates. Any help/advice/comments would be great! Thanks
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  3. by   shadowness
    I just interviewed there about a month ago and should be getting an offer soon. What floor are you interviewing for? Basically you interview with HR then they set up a 2nd interview with you and the manager of the floor then they hire you afterwards if they like you.
  4. by   nursern12
    That's awesome! Congratulations. They didn't tell me what floor I'd be interviewing for. I had been in contact with HR and told them I was interested In pediatrics but am willing to work anywhere. When they emailed me back and scheduled me for an interview, they didn't tell me what floor or anything.
  5. by   shadowness
    What college are you from if you dont mind me asking. Btw... be prepared for a dosage calc test and a basic nursing questions type of test. They were both very easy and only about 10-15 questions each test if i remember correctly.
  6. by   nursern12
    Thanks! Yeah, HR did tell me to be prepared to take a basic medication test. I'm nervous! I recently graduated from Columbia University. How was the actual interview itself?
  7. by   GotIn2009
    Shadowness were the questions prioritization questions, pharmacology, or something else?
  8. by   shadowness
    No pharm. One test is med math, very basic, dont sweat it. Other test is nursing decision type questions. Also very basic but a little more tricky than the med math in my opinion. You will be fine. Just answer the questions normally and dont sweat it. If it was something to be afraid of id tell you lol
  9. by   shadowness
    nursern12, i sent you a few pms if you dont mind checking. im not sure if my messages are going through
  10. by   Matchildnurse
    I have an interview with HR as well. I want to know what you brought and how to prepare? Also how did it go were you hired?
  11. by   HighlyBlessedRN
    Please tell me how to prepare for the exam and anything I should be ready for relating to an interview. I been trying to get an interview at Montefiore forever and I finally have my chance. This is the ONLY hospital I am truly desperate to work for. Please anything you can tell me to suceed would be greatly appreciated. Do you get to use a calc for the med cal test? Also should I do NCLEX style questions for the other test? PLEASE HELP!!
  12. by   maataus
    It is very basic med-calc, n also how to prioritize, no big deal. Don't stress at all, I scored 100 on both test. Good luck
  13. by   sledi
    So how's the whole process? You go in to HR 1 week then the next week it's the test and another interview then a 2 week wait to hear if u got the job?
  14. by   estrellaCR
    The medication exam is very easy basic calculations with calculator and basic med knowledge. The process is you interview with HR and then if HR considers you good candidate they refer you to interview with a Nurse Manager. There is no time line on this however. I interviewed with HR 3 months ago and was informed I will be contacted for interview with a Nurse Manager. I check in with the recruiter about every two weeks and she tells me that I am still being considered and she is trying to match me with a NM to interview with. Idk it's been 3 months already. My friend interviewed with them twice once in April and once in October and each time she was told the same to wait until they find a NM for a fitting unit for her. And so far she has heard nothing. But I know zero experience new grads from May being hired for November so I do not know what criteria HR uses to refer people to NMs for second interview.