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Hi all. Was hoping someone could help describe the interview process to me at Montefiore. I am a new graduate, and have an interview with HR this week. Do they hire right on the spot after the... Read More

  1. by   RN_203
    Hey highly blessed I was wondering how long was the hiring process for yale and how long did it take them to call you back with an offer
  2. by   Iamsophialee
    Hi. I was following up with your thread and was wondering what kind of questions you had for the basic nursing questions with montefiore. I got interview with them this coming Thursday and I am excited, at the same time nervous. I don't want to risk my chances. If I can get any informations, it would be very helpful. Any tips, interview questions and whatnot. Thanks
  3. by   mrn123
    Hello. I was wondering what happened after your interview with the nurse manager? Did you then go to hr and have to take the pharm exam? How do u like working there? What type of floor are you on? Thank you!
  4. by   estrellaCR
    The pharm exam is done before interview with HR. It is very easy pharm exam (compared to the NYC HHC city hospital one i took). After HR interview, then a few weeks or months later u hear from a nurse manager inviting you to an interview. After interview with nurse manager, a few weeks or months later u get a call from HR offering you the job and then u do the HR paper work and background check. I interviewed with them as a new grad so process was 2+ months. However if you are experienced RN, then i heard your process is a lot quicker...with the nurse manager calling you herself/himself to interview you and receiving response shortly after. I do not work there as i ended up accepting RN job with a city hospital (Kings county in brooklyn) a few days after my montefiore interview.
  5. by   mrn123
    Ok thank you so much! How was your interview with HR? What kind of questions do they ask? Do you know what the salary is? I can't find that on here. Thanks again.
  6. by   KobsloveRN
    After waiting for about 2 months, my initial interview is finally set. My question to any one please is did you all have your initial interview with the nurse recruiter? Does that mean i will also have to interview with a manager again? Been waiting so long for this job and need it so bad. Could have taken another smaller job as i wait for them but i thought they will be calling me anytime so i just kept waiting on them.
  7. by   estrellaCR
    They ask basic interview questions about yourself and work with patients. Also I would advise not holding out for this hospital since to hear back from them as a new grad after each interview takes a long time. Keep applying to other places. No job is a sure thing unless u have an official offer. I had an offer from a city hospital 3 weeks after my NM interview with Montefiore. I took it and I'm happy.
  8. by   KobsloveRN
    Thanks for the reply estrellaCR, let me see how it goes but am looking other places too.
  9. by   sunshinexd21
    Hey EstrellaCR, I am currently attending the Montefiore School of Nursing and will be graduating next semester which is fall 2014. Since the program is almost over I decided to research how the job market is at the moment and how would the process for Montefiore be but now I'm a bit worried. I have zero experience as well. I definitely wasn't expecting to wait 3+months for an offer! Definitely a reality check for me. I want to land a job shortly after school, we all do but now Montefiore seems like a far reach even though I am attending their school. There's not enough jobs out there for the amount of new grads. Why even continue to post a job if they haven't given everyone they're "considering" a second one. I absolutely love the school so nothing would make me happier than working for them but I would go with the best offer I can land. A job is a job and as a new grad it's nice to step our foot in the door and get the experience. Then we can take the experience elsewhere if that's what we decide. Thank you for all your post!
  10. by   estrellaCR
    I'm happy I'm of help. There's good places all around the city/boroughs. I think why hospitals don't invest in new grads more is because of the 1yr experience...many new grads do their year (or less if they get job elsewhere faster) and leave which is a big expense to the hospital as they pay you while you are learning and not really working (orientation, as you work on same patients as your preceptor) and they also have trainings paid for you along with extra pay for preceptor. I think that's another reason for not hire much new grad as not only they Cant start working with patients right away but also don't stick around , so it appears the one year experience employers use as some mark that you are more likely to stick around as you already have experience and are not taking any job to get it.
    As new grad, I wanted NYP just b/c it's the biggest in NYC and with that well known. However I'm at the biggest city hospital HHC and at city hospitals you see everything, it's great experience. And I'm thankful to have been hired as a new graduate and their taking their chance on me and the other new graduates. I was thinking why take my experience to a hospital that didn't give me a chance In the beginning to give me training and leave behind the one that took time and resources to train me when I was new. I plan to give HHC at least a few years. It seems these big private hospitals rely on other hospitals to train their staff bc they kno new grads leave as soon as they get experience and they save money by having other hospitals train the new grads. Maybe I'm one of few that think this, but if a hospital didn't want me when I had no experience, I'm not taking my experience to them when I have it (except maybe per diem, not full time).
    Anyways apply everywhere, once hired stick around a few years (even if you don't like your unit , you can always apply for a transfer to a different unit or another hospital in their system).
  11. by   sunshinexd21
    your absolutely correct! I will take your advice. I agree, if a hospital doesn't hire me as a new grad...I won't bother investing my time and effort in them when I have experience. Thanks so much for replying.
  12. by   xyz888
    I completely agree with you. I do think NYP has a big attitute and I dont want to deal with them anymore, based on my experience .
  13. by   lpark000
    Hi! I'm having an interview with Montefiore soon too. It's going to be with HR first so what type of questions should I expect? Will there be nursing related questions (scenario type) and/or behavioral questions (tell me a time when a px...)? Any information would be of great help! I'm a new grad and I really don't want to screw this opportunity up. This is also going to be my first interview so I'm VERY nervous.