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Hello All- I have just started looking into applying to Nursing Schools. I have a long way to go but I wanted to get the process started as soon as possible. I am VERY interested in NYU... Read More

  1. by   NYCbsNzieskeit
    and it adds to your application
  2. by   chandra616
    hi all,

    i am too a nyu hopeful. i am applying in october for the january 2010 accelerated bsn program. i'm wondering what the gpa requirements are or suggested grades one should receive in the prereq? i'm kind of worried because i got a b- in a&p 1 and i took a&p 2 this summer and got a c. should i take it over or just continue on to micro and nutrition and focus on doing well in those two? i'm so stressed about that last grade.
  3. by   student002
    hello im new to allnurses and am applying to NYU accelerated program in October. i wanted to ask all of you who got into the program (btw congrats!) if you think i might have a chance of getting in for spring 2010.

    I have a BA from UC Santa Cruz in Anthropology with a undergraduate gpa of 3.38. For pre-rec i have: A's in Stat, physiology, Nutrition, Psy. B's in microbio and anatomy. And a C in chemsitry.

    I have letters of recs from my microbio professor and employer at Planned parenthood. I volunteered at Planned p for about 5 months before i began working there.

    I am wondering if i have a chance of getting in with a C in chemistry. Also would applying before the application deadline increase my chance of getting in?
  4. by   kirham
    Hey guys! I am applying to spring 2010 as well. My only prob right now is finding that darn nutrition requrement. Has anyone found a cheap online course besides University of Phoenix?

    I am a little worried about getting in. During college I was sick and have a terrible GPA, but my current prerequisite marks are really good. I was talking to another girl on a different thread and she helped me. Search suny downstate on this site

    Finally, has anyone figured out how they are gonna pay for this? I currently work for Nyu and will have to quit my job to go to school here. Btw how funny are some of those essays. I am contacting the school today to make sure we only have to do
    a few.
  5. by   MEM718
    Hey Kirham - SUNY offers a TON of classes online - I'm not sure if it's too late to sign up for the semester, but check out They list all the online courses offered by every SUNY school in the state, and the rates are super-low if you are in-state. I took a Developmental Psych course through them earlier this year.
  6. by   JustJane2008
    Congrats to those who got in!! :-)

    This is a repost from another thread:

    Hey all!

    I got into NYU too, for Spring 2010. Is there a FB page started for our cohort? I have SOO many questions, esp. since I never had a chance to visit. (How much is tuition? Are there jobs lined up for us at NYU's medical center after graduation?)

    Feel free to email me. Let me know if I should start a Spring 2010 group on FB.
  7. by   student002
    hi everyone,
    I got my acceptance letter in the mail a few days ago and am wondering about housing. It seems like all on campus housing is a shared room situation. I would rather have my own room. Is anyone thinking of living off campus? Does anyone need a roommate? Thanks Hannah
  8. by   lib77

    A big congratulations to you who have been accepted to the NYU 2010 Spring cohort!

    I too have applied (in Sept) and am waiting to hear back. I have a couple quick questions; What where your pre-req grades/GPA like and in what state do you live (I ask bc I live in the West and am wondering about mail lag time etc.)?

  9. by   McSweetiepie
    I am interested in NYU for the fall, does it work against you if some of your prereq courses are from jr. colleges or were taken during the summer (so an accelerated version of the course)?
  10. by   iheartnyc
    Hello 2010Hopeful! Hope you're still interested in FALL 2010 because it sounds like we have similar backgrounds and I'm applying to begin at the same time. This site shows that your last activity was in June, so I'm hoping you haven't changed your mind. It would be great to have someone to share experiences with, etc, throughout the application/acceptance process! Are you still on track for this fall?
  11. by   iheartnyc
    I just typed a response to your post and accidentally deleted it!!! FRUSTRATING! Anyway, here's a condensed version.....
    Do you know anything RE: acceptance rates, etc for the 15-month program? I've heard that your chances of getting into ANY graduate school are much higher as an out-of-state applicant, but am not sure if the same logic applies to this program since we will technically be entered into the program as "undergrads." Any info you have would be great! Thanks!!

    ps-I'm applying to begin FALL 2010
  12. by   flee43
    @lib77 - Congrats on getting your app in! I'm applying for FALL 2010 and the pressure is definitely on. To answer your questions, I'm actually still an undergrad but I will graduate in May 2010 in California. My GPA is actually up in the air since I haven't gotten finals back yet (they were brutal so this can seriously go up or doooown) but my pre-req grades are as follows: Anatomy-B, Physiology-B, Nutrition-A, Developmental Psych-A, Chemistry-B, Statistics-B, and I'll be taking Microbiology next semester.

    @McSweetiepie - It shouldn't matter since most schools usually understand that not all the pre-reqs are offered at universities. I've taken all of mine at the community college as well, and a couple of them were accelerated (i.e 3-weeks but still considered an entire semester's worth of work, if we're talking about the same thing?).

    @iheartnyc - Great questions! I was checking the website and they really didn't have any stats listed. But I was looking through another NYU student forum and I found these stats posted by @elleNY:

    "To answer a few questions -

    - You can study abroad during winter intersession in either Florence or Buenos a cost, of course.
    - There are about 200 students in each class from what I know, combination of aBSN and traditional, although mostly the former.
    - Clinicals all over the New York City area, including the boroughs.
    - Cost of attendance, NOT INCLUDING housing, comes to around $70,000. The dorms run from $13,000-$18,000 per YEAR, if you choose NYU housing. There are a few (maybe like four or five) scholarships but the highest one only grants 18 thousand but with some strings attached. There are three others that offer around $10,000..."

    Perhaps the only thing relevant to your question though was the class of 200 mentioned above but nothing about in or out of state.

    I have to say that it's nice to know that there are so many people out there who are going through the same app process as I am! I'm going to try and email their admissions office to see about some of these short answer questions...

    Question: It sounds like schools will look pretty highly upon recs from your pre-req profs. If you have recs from uh non-req profs, does this not look as good?
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  13. by   iheartnyc
    So, you already got into the FALL 2010 program? I'm applying to start then too (also already have my BA) but thought I probably wouldn't know if I was admitted until mid April. Confused but may know somethin' I don't, and if so....please super-nervous! Thanks!!!