Getting into a Lpn program with no test in ny

  1. Hi i am TRYING so hard to get into a lpn program around my way but i can not score high enough on the placement test . I went to eastern and western boces in longisland did not get in neither my problem is they are time based. Does any one know a school in longisland or the 5 boros that i dont have to take the test or the test is not so tuff and time based. If not can some one please give me advace with another alternitive.

    Thank you
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  3. by   NaomieRN
    The best thing I would do, to study for the exam before taking it. When you think about it, when you complete the LPN program, you are going to take a test for your license.
    How about signing up for a class at Boces to help you pass the entrance exam? I know someone who was doing that.
    All the LPN schools I know in Connecticut require an entrance exam. Good luck to you.
  4. by   girls1
    No Lpn School Will Let You In Without Taking And Passing An Entrance Exam. They Have To Do This Because You Will Have To Pass The Boards After Finishing School To Get Your License.
    I Also Suggest That You Study For Those Exams. There Are Many Different Review Books That You Can Purchase. Read The Tips And Follow Them. Practice Doing The Exams At Home In The Timeframe Allowed And Don't Take Another Exam Until You Are Sure You Can Successfully Complete It In The Timefram Allotted.
    Since You Are Now Looking For Schools That Don't Have An Entrance Test, Beware Of Schools That Will Allow You In If You Don't Do Well And Let You Take Certain Remedial Classes Before Entering Their Progam. Even After Completing Those Classes, You Would Need To Test Again Before Beginning Your Actual Lpn Coursework And Clinicals.
    There Are Pre Lpn Test Reviews Offered Just About Everywhere. Ask The Schools You Plan To Attend Where They Are Being Offered.
    I Wish You The Very Best Of Luck.
  5. by   akanini
    Did you try VEEB? I heard their exam is the easiest.
  6. by   chuck1234
    Getting into the LPN Program without a test...
    Yes, indeed, it happens only in your dream...
    I think VEEB is an easy one.
    But the bottom line is your reading skill and math might need to be improved before taking the test.
    I had an orderly in a nursing home having the similar situation like yours and I told him to take courses in English 101, Math, Sociology, Biology 1 and 2. After a year and half, he passed the entrance exam and now he is in the LPN Program. He might not getting the transfer credits, but he built the foundation.
    I hope my advice will help you.
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  7. by   olivia28
    Some of these programs also offer classes to prepare you for the entrance test. Check with your local community college who may offer a program such as this.
  8. by   JoAnnS

    you can buy the teas book at ati.. you can also go to for math help. you need to score high in the math. get a math tutor if you have to. brush up on your english and reading as well. you are going to have to take a test no matter what. i studied real hard and make myself relearn the math. i passed the test the first time.

    if you study every single night, you will pass the test. you have to be consistent. make sure you are not tired when studying. good lighting... do all the practice test you can. ati also has 2 on-line tests you can take.

    good luck
  9. by   50cents
    Good Afternoon,
    I am getting ready to take the LPN pre test on July 21st at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES. Can anyone give me an heads up regarding this test?
  10. by   JoAnnS

    did you get information from your school? you should have received information from ati.. there is a book you can buy to help study and then go on-line to take two practices test. both test are the same. or at least it was for me. you must do very well on the math portion. you can go to

    there is math, english, reading, and science on the test. there is some reasoning as well.

    the sample test and the test they give you at school is somewhat different. make sure you study every night before the test. this will help you. fractions, proportions, decimals, basic math and math word problems.

    good luck to you

    there is a book from ati. it's the teas book.
  11. by   50cents
    Thank you very much, math never was my best subject, but at least now I know what to study. I'm going to do my very best. I'll probably have to relearn math too. Wish me luck!
  12. by   KellNY
    Sheemy--I'm not trying to sound harsh, but I'm with the mindset that you need to not only figure out why you keep failing, but fix that and stop failing. Skipping the test isn't going to help you, your future instructors, or more importantly, your potential future patients.

    Can you hire a tutor? Talk to the people at BOCES, maybe a student is willing to tutor you for a low fee.

    In nursing school (for RN or LPN) you will need to know basic math and reading comprehension. Not only so that you can pass the NCLEX, but it's essential for doing your job safely. You'll be giving medications (math) and reading, writing, and picking up orders (reading comprehension), and if you do those wrong, someone could die or be harmed.

    It would worry me to find a school that graduated nurses who failed a basic math/reading test.

    Again, not trying to be mean here.
  13. by   50cents
    Helllo and Happy 4th of July;

    I am a relatively new user to this site , and I must of replied incorrectly to the person who actually did initiate the thread entitled " Getting into Lpn program with no test in ny". I just hope that everyone knows that my thread was entitled "Wayne-Finger Lakes LPN pre test".

    I agree with your comment to the person who actually did post. I also received great advice from other members.

    Have a great day!
  14. by   *guest*
    Does anyone know exactly WHAT test you should study in order to help you pass the LPN test? For those of you who DID pass....what book did you use to study?