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The thread here for the Columbia University ETP program for entry in 2012 is pretty long (45 pages right now!), so I was hoping to elicit some of the same responses for those who are applying in... Read More

  1. by   feminista_siempre
    Accepted ETP Women's Health NP people:
    I just got off the phone with J.V. in admissions. If your acceptance letter says you were accepted to the ETP program but not Women's Health, don't panic. He said it's not that you weren't accepted. They are going to send us a letter tomorrow or the next day about "the future of WHNP at Columbia". My best guess is they are combining it with another specialty the way Yale did. I asked, but he wouldn't give me an answer. He said they were trying to get the "changes in WHNP letter" out to us before the acceptance letters went out, but that applicants were so anxious that they thought it best to tell us our admissions status ASAP, and send the letter out after.
    Either way, you're in, so don't worry!
    that being said...
    YAYYYYY!!! I am so relieved. I was shaking too. Totally did not expect to react that way. haha
  2. by   FingersCross'd
    Quote from the healer's art
    I got in for Peds! Specializing in oncology. I am excited but EFFF my life. The deposit is due three days before I hear from Duke! I have no idea what to do.
    Hey! Did your letter mention anything specific about the oncology concentration? Mine did not but that is what I applied for.

    On a second note, I would call Columbia and ask them to extend the deadling a week. Schools are really understanding with that scenario. It's a sticky situation though maybe call Duke and explain to them your predicament and ask if they have suggestions?
  3. by   jdp085
    @pshannon - I figured they would be overwhelmed with questions so I will try to email too. I am coming from CA so I too have to figure these things out quickly if I decide to attend!
  4. by   kconkling
    @feminista_siempre Thanks so much for letting us know about that! My letter said the same thing about being accepted into Columbia but not the WHNP speciality. I am so relieved!
  5. by   lotr
    I just got the email and am thrilled to report that i have been accepted! Hooray! Good luck to all!
  6. by   p_shannon12
    I completely agree. I didn't really even investigate any of the other specialties and if they accepted the max number for ever specialty I don't know if I want to attend and just wait and hope a spot comes available. Eeeeeep!
  7. by   p_shannon12
    @jdp085 I completely agree.  I didn't really even investigate any of the other specialties and if they accepted the max number for ever specialty I don't know if I want to attend and just wait and hope a spot comes available.  Eeeeeep!
  8. by   jdp085
    yea, I emailed asking if we can reapply to that specialty later on or if there any other options to get in. we'll least we got into the BSN portion!
  9. by   p_shannon12
    @jdp085 true. Are you considering the option of switching specialties? I'm nervous about moving and starting the program with no guarantee of a specialty.
  10. by   SMB13
    I'm in for fnp!!!!
  11. by   jdp085
    I asked admissions what the process is for switching specialties, if I decide to. At this point, I am not too interested in switching, but you never know how the first year will go. I could change my mind! Most of the other schools I applied to do not even have the Anesthesia option (I would have to apply after an accelerated BSN/entry MSN and work experience) so I shouldn't be too worried...
  12. by   ghostbird
    I got in for FNP too! I can't believe it! I can finally stop stressing out over getting into school, haha. If there are any current FNP students here, I would love to hear your guys's perspectives on the program!
  13. by   p_shannon12
    @jdp085 Well from my research Columbia is the only one with the Anesthesia specialty for alternate entry. I applied and was accepted to the University of Texas at Austin for the Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist program. I feel like we are kind of in Limbo....good enough for the ETP, but not good enough for the Anesthesia...I'll take being good enough for Columbia University