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For those who have applied for the Fall 2007 semester - has anybody gotten a date for an interview yet? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   shippoRN
    my mentor said all white shoes, it can be what ever i think but its gotta be a full shoe. I wanna get a nursemate sneaker type but i've been having a heck of a time trying to find a nursing supply store. If not maybe i'll get a pair of new balance or something.

    hope this helps

    Oh and P.S. I found a store on 14th street and Union Square that sells Dankos if you want to go in and try them. They don't sell nursemates unfortunately. Its that huge shoe store on union
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  2. by   shmitty3
    I have fully white reebok sneakers. I bougth them a few years ago. They are similar to new balance. They are really comfortable and they were on sale at the time for under $30 bucks.

    Do we were the uniforms everyday or just the day we are doing clinicals?
  3. by   Mannyj
    Hi only during clinical rotation for the uniform. The lab coat I'm not so sure. I went to DSW today and found new balance all white for 34.99 today and no tax this week.
    See you all Tuesday. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS HERE.
  4. by   MollyMel
    Hey, so I stopped by the financial aid office on wednesday and they had just completed the packages that day. I picked mine up but hopefully if they are mailed you will get them soon!
    I am a little nervous as when I called back in may/june they said to wait until the aid packages are done to apply for loans (which I did) but now I hope I can get them in time. Ah well, it will all work out I guess.
    I am excited about the uniforms! They look so much better than the old ones, and the women's top has pockets now.
    See all you ATOP folks on thursday!
  5. by   nurse2btracy
    See you on Thursday!