New warnings added to Glaxo asthma drugs

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Regulators say GlaxoSmithKline Plc's asthma drugs Serevent and Advair will carry new warnings about a higher, though small, risk of life-threatening asthma attacks and deaths.

Reuters/Yahoo!, Aug. 14, 2003

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I am on one of those drugs. Thanks for the information and I will talk to my Dr. about it.



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This is very interesting. . .I am on singular and advair (I use to be on serevent). My asthma has been under great control and I have not used my albuterol for a long time. About 2 weeks ago I had a sudden, very BAD asthma attack. It came out of nowhere and my boyfriend was very concerned and asked me if I needed to go to the hospital. Although, I probably should have, I didn't and instead took a bunch of puffs of albuterol. It eventually passed, but it was very scary. I racked my brain trying to figure out what the trigger was and then I read that article that just came out. . . . so yes, this can happen.

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My grandma takes advair. I will be visiting her soon, printed out the link to take with me.


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Why thank you for posting this Karen. I am also on Advair and Singular and the two together have helped turn my life around. No problems for me like the ones described.


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Thank you Karen. I know of two co-workers who died from severe asthma attacks. It was said they both had the serevent inhaler with them instead of the rescue one.

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It bears repeating: Serevent is a MAINTENANCE medication.

Albuterol is a fast acting RESCUE medication for acute flareups. Can be taken every 4 hours via inhaler or nebulizer. If two rounds of treatments don't relieve chest tightness/wheezing GET TO THE ER.

I've had Residents say "no more wheezing, pt ok" only to call a code 5 min later as pt had such severe lung inflamation causing airway constriction and intubation with mechanical ventilation needed. DONT BE FOOLED.


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My rescue inhaler is never more than an arms length away. Don't have to use it to often but when I do it is there.

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