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Hello! I am a new nurse graduate who just relocate from Maryland to Houston, TX. The search for new jobs has been really hard. I am starting to become frustrated with the lack of replies. I have been called for an interview for a NICU unit in about 4 days. Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice for the interview? Also, is there anything else I can do besides applying online? I have tried calling but not much luck there either. And even after calling, how do I engage the nurse recruiters to keep them interested rather than sending me straight to "apply online."Thank you I really appreciate all the help I can get.

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Sorry you are having so much difficulty - but as has been pointed out in many other threads... TX cities are saturated with new grads; from local schools, plus those relocating from other areas.

Online job applications are not optional. If an organization has that process, it's the only route to submit your application. However, making personal contact with the nurse recruiter is always a good idea. I would advise you to focus your efforts on suburban facilities rather than the med center. Join local nursing organizations and attend the meetings to network. For instance monthly meetings of the Houston TNA chapter are held in the med center as well as two satellite locations and these can provide a great opportunity to network.

Best of luck to you!

HouTx, I just feel like whenever I contact the nurse recruiters it is almost impossible to actually get them, and when I do, they just don't give me the time of day :-(. I will definitely look into nursing organizations...thank you so much for taking the time to share this. I really appreciate it :-)!

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I would give you advice, but then again we are all in the same boat wanting the same spots :-) hahah

if it makes you feel any better, recruiters by nature are either elusive or clingy and yes, the houston market is very flimsy right now.

Got the job :-)! Starting on the floor tomorrow! Super nervous!

Oh my goodness, that's awesome. I hope it is going well for you.

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Where are some good "other" facilities to apply to...besides the med center? How are the HCA hospitals like Kingwood and Conroe? Any others near Houston?

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