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  1. Miss Kisha

    New grad relocating to Houston ... is it THAT bad out there?

    Short answer, Yes. Stay encouraged. I graduated May 2010 and I still have class mates that are still job hunting. Look in the little towns outside major areas, Huntsville, madisonville, kingwood, etc. Hang in there
  2. Miss Kisha

    HIPAA help

    No! Her friends r stirring the **** pot. We all make mistakes, you already know, people, even sister people don't want things broadcasted. It is/was her story to share. Gastric Byp, sure that as well as her struggle may be a touch subject. Make ammends to her and don't let her peanut gallery friends freak you out.
  3. Miss Kisha

    PCTs scope of practice in Texas . . .

    I don't want to be a stinker but here it goes, if we want to be compliant with the lisc orgs that keep hospitals open, follow the nurse practice act. Too many folks forget to protect their liscence and delegate when we shouldn't. CYA
  4. Miss Kisha

    Need help with charting...

    Hello there, I just started in a hospital designed for the geriatric psych pop and I would appreciate anything you are willing to share/pass along. Don't know how to PM as I'm using a mobile device but my email is on my profile.
  5. I hear you. I'm in Texas in a busy city and there is nurse saturation. Those working as a LVN is experience so that's good for that poster. I was a new grad in May 2010 and I was beginning to think, what have I done wrong, us there a curse word in my resume, do I have a criminal " case" against me I'm not aware of. I don't know many folks and even scoring on the 98 percentille- no job. I did flu shot clinics and health and wellness. I began to volunteer for a hospice company and I got a position doing private duty nursing. I love this because I was placed in a foster home that had several medically fragile children which meant several nurses and thus I was never alone. Kind of like a mini pedi med surg. Started in Nov and love it! I applied to a geri-psych hospital 2 weeks ago and started last Monday. Not what I imagined but I like it. I always said I like my patients in diapers. Sorry, I digress, is there any community free clinics- actually I know there are in the DC area, I used to teach in Baltimore. Also, you qualify for substitute school nurse. Good luck and try to stay encouraged!!!
  6. Miss Kisha

    New Nurse Gear: What every new nurse needs?

    Two of those cheap walmart type watches with the second hand.
  7. Miss Kisha

    Looking for the PERFECT ink pen ;)

    Love the Uniball Jetstream as well. My new friend is an Office Max brand. The TūL in fine. I write hard and it can handle it and it's fine so can fit in those damned Medicare forms with little boxes but leaves a line that's legible. It's now my first choice but that Jetstream in a close second.
  8. Miss Kisha

    <NEW GRAD for a year now, NO JOB!

    All nursing is real nursing. Sure differnt skill sets but psych nursing IS real nursing. Dont buy into the craziness that just because you did not land an intern position at a major hospital that you will be undesired. Some markets are really saturated and if you don't know anyone on the inside, you are just 1 out of too many in the applicant pool. Stay encouraged, it's experience!! A smart nurse would use the best of all experiences and and those experiences only add to what makes you the best you can be.
  9. Hey y'all, I'm in a similiar boat but I'm lovin it. The agency I'm with says they don't put newbies anywhere alone. I started out in a foster home that is actually serviced by two different agencies. 4 sweet kiddies and usually 3 nurses max and there was plenty to learn and do. Sure there is a little down time but for me it's balanced by the time when it's crazy busy. The foster situation was great cause there were oher nurses there for ?'s guidance and just to watch. Pedi private duty is a great choice for me and my lifestyle. Ask around and see if a foster home with your company needs a nurse, even if it's odd hours initially.
  10. Miss Kisha

    private duty in a BAD neighborhood

    Pray for that baby and don't go. If what you say is true, then heck no tell the agency you will not go back there, it's not a safe environment for you.
  11. Miss Kisha

    Are your wages comparable to the hospitals in your area?

    Glad I am where I am, my hourly is more than my counterparts I graduated with. I'm with a really good, Christian based( yeah I never heard of it before, either) company. Not exactly the same exp. as my friends in the hospital but my house with my kids is more stressful than my assignments. No bennies for me, I do my 2 shifts/week so... But I'm happy
  12. Miss Kisha

    Pulse ox not working correctly

    Sure we treat patients not equipment but if you show up and med equip isn't operational, the agency should know!! That "sweetie" needs clean trach sounds and needs a pulse ox. Mom is trippin' but whatever. Hope it works out.
  13. Miss Kisha

    New RN-Houston job hunt and Interview tips

    Oh my goodness, that's awesome. I hope it is going well for you. Miss Kisha
  14. Miss Kisha

    Cypress Fairbanks RN Residency Program

    To be honest, not very promising for a new grad. It was pretty, though. Many of the internships end up going to the people that already work there as student PCA type thing. After the internships are gone to those on staff, there may be only a hand full left. I'm glad I went, nice to know we r not alone in our situation.
  15. Miss Kisha

    Teacher turned Nurse

    A former Teach for America Corp member. Taught students of all ages and abilities. Still in contact with many. The way I used to teach, when the bell rang, I still had more to do. Nursing is actually a natural bridge from education. I live caring for a patient and teCh Teiresias loved ones how to have a greater role in their care. I still do a lot of teaching. They may or may not take heed to my lessons, not unlike the classroom. I make more in a day than what I did teaching for a week. There's a lot of off the click time that went along with thY teachers salary.