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I had no idea that the "trick" was updated nor did I know what to expect. All I knew was that I heard if you saw the credit card page then that was bad! I honestly don't know what to think. I started at 8 and was out of the center by 9. Anyway, I don't know how accurate this updated "trick" is, but i got a red message: "Our records indicate that you have already scheduled this exam......" and did not take my payment. I suspect everyone gets the same message regardless of results seeing as I bet the aim of updating the system was to prevent the "trick" from working.


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I received the same thing. I should be getting my results in the morning. I'll keep you posted!


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I got the above messaged and passed. Your good congrats!


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In addition to the trick you can check the bon to see if your permit is still there. If it isn't then you've failed. My permit is still up and I got the "good" message.


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The above picture is the old popup. Anyways but its says the same thing on the new trick! I did mine with old and new trick got the good popup. Found out after 3weeks and 1day! "I PASSED"


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Whats the difference between the old and new pop up?

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Tinman, the main difference is that the old popup was pretty accurate (though not 100%) and the new one isn't It used to be that you only got to the CC page (most of the time) because you failed. Now everyone gets to the CC page and you have to give them a credit card and see if they will process it. Unfortunately it has processed payment for some people who passed and there are no refunds.


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You can always call your BON the next business day instead of doing Quick results. They can tell you if you passed before your license is even posted to the site.


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What if you use a card that doesnt have $200 so you dont have to risk losing your money. Will you still get the good pop-up?


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I've seen ppl post that they used a card with $1 and they got the good message because they were not goin to be charged regardless


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Yep, that's what I did. I got one of my gift cards that had $0 balance and tried it and I got the good pop up. Today I found out, I passed.