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Hey everyone......

Just started the program on monday. Its only been a week, and i am so overwhelmed. I am currently trying to go to school full time and work full time. is anyone else working crazy hours like i am? let me know how your doing.


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No, not working and haven't even started until this week comming. I hope you can find someone who has the same situation as you. good Luck!


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I am just finishing my prereqs, but I too feel overwhelmed sometimes. I don't work, but I have three daughters, ages 8,5,and 2, so I guess I do work FT at home! Good luck...


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kernie, hello and welcome to the board!

i started on aug. 26 and it is overwhelming to say the least.

i do wish you all the best and come back when you can.


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Kernie - I just started last week and I feel very overwhelmed!! I don't work but have 3 girls - 9, 7, 5. I quit my job in the spring because I tried going thru the Nursing program about 7 years ago and I work full time w/kids and couldn't do it. Hopefully I can get thru it this time!! Take Care!

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I don't work but I consider having a 3 year old and going to school a full time job... Good luck!!!

I am not going to school full time and working full time but I am going to school full-time, I am a single mother to a very, very hyperactive four and a half year old, I'm president of my school's student nurse organization, AT my shcool we are REQUIRED to do community service and I am going to start having to work really soon unless a miracle happens. So with that said. I sort of understand what you are going through and how busy things can get.

My life is crazy but I do my best to manage. Now, this may sound weird but many people do not take the time to actually do this. There are 168 hours in a week. Sit down and write down the times you work, the times you go to school/clinicals, the amount of time it takes to commute, the amount of time you eat/prepare meals, clean/household duties, if you go to church fill that in, if you are a regular exerciser write that in. Then add up the total hours and subtract from 168. You may be amazed at the amount of hours you have left over in a week. I know I was. With the hours left over make sure you block out enough of those to study and then after you block out enough to study then the rest of those hours are yours to do what you want, relax, go out or what ever, maybe fit in extra study time around test dates. Do that and see if things begin to look better. I know once I done that things started looking a whole lot better and much more doable for me.

I got this idea from one of my nursing advisors.

Good luck!!! You can do this!!!

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Welcome to the board, first of all...

as far as working full time, some of the girls in our program did just that. We had one who worked nights and came to school of a day. She amazed me...I couldn't have done it. :)

Take it one day at a time, and remember....I can do all things thru Christ which strengthens me....

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