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New here/having a nursing midlife crisis


Hello everyone. Ive been a nurse for nearly 10 yrs. 2 yrs were in medical cardiology. The other on a postpartum unit. I left the postpartum unit because of burn out and patient ratios. I transferred to a telemetry /observation unit at a newer hospital and im completely unhappy. I put in a general application at a different hospital and have an interview Friday for a step down unit. So we shall see how it goes. I think it may be what I need at this time.


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Hey, Jackie . . .welcome to the group. Would love to hear if you were hired at the step-down unit and if it turned out to be the change you needed . .

Welcome...i am pretty new here too. I have found that sharing your worries and thoughts on here really do help. If you are unhappy at the hospital you are currently at then you are doing the right thing on finding another position....its no fun to dislike your job. Best of luck to you!

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Sometimes it takes awhile to find your niche. What aren't you liking?

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NurseJackie - (LOL)

This is a major bonus for nursing - the ability to switch to different areas without having to change professions. With 10 years of experience and expertise, you are HOT STUFF, so any department will certainly be very glad to bring you aboard.

No I didn't get chosen for the step down unit. Currently im still job hunting. Not sure where im going to land. The good thing is I decided to go back to school for my bsn.