New NCLEX for 2011???


Is it true that NCLEX is changing again for april 2011???:confused:


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i think it's every 3 years. they just changed last 2010...but just check on ncsbn website for the facts about it..


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I think it's for NCLEX-PN... :smokin:


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I think it's for NCLEX-PN... :smokin:

it's for both... RN and PN

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It's only for NCLEX-PN. The RN version was updated in April 2010.

From the FAQ page:

"What was the basis for making changes in the 2011 NCLEX-PN® Test Plan? NCSBN reviews the test plans for both the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN once every three years. The recommended changes to the 2011 NCLEX-PN® Test Plan are based upon empirical data collected from newly licensed nurses, which can be found in the study published by NCSBN entitled Report of Findings from the 2009 LPN/VN Practice Analysis: Linking the NCLEX-PN® Examination to Practice."


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Doesn't matter. You still have to take the test as it is presented to you and it requires that you know the material covered by the test.

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Once every 3 years I believe. I would check their website for verification on when the test is updated. But generally the schools are aware of the changes that are made, and will let the students know. Alternative Format questions werent always part of the NCLEX. The exam has to change with the times and expected duties and knowledge of the working nurse.


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I also heard about that, but agree with everyone else (I checked the site too) and I only saw that it was a change for the PN not the RN.

(I freaked out a bit too :)