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    I'm Eric, a NICU nurse in Texas, and I'm the staff member who moderates this forum. If I can be of any help, just send me a message.
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  3. by   nickysam
    It's hard to imagine a country that could provide a more valuable example than Singapore. The Southeast Asian city-state is widely regarded as a health care superstar, especially when compared to the United States.

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  4. by   iwillbnrn1day
    Hello Im a mother of three and a hubby and I was thinking about coming to New Mexico to start a new life. Were we live now has no good employement and I've heard good things about NM .

    Great to be here hope ill meet some new friends
  5. by   Doula 59
    I am originally from South East TX but live in NM. I am currently a first semester nursing student. I look forward to learning how to be a nurse and then being able to put those skills to good use. I plan to specialize in OB/L&D. I have 6 children and 11 grandchildren, as you can tell I am not your traditional student. I love to travel and will more than likely do some traveling assignments as a nurse. I am glad I found this wesite/group!
  6. by   McBx3
    Hi NM nurses!
    I am an RN in SE NM... I have been out of work since 2005 (left when I got pregnant with my first baby & now that my second child is old enough, I am attempthing to go back). I am applying for a new position this week and hopefully will soon be working in the Mother-Baby unit at our local hospital! *crosses fingers* I love this website (don't post often but lurk frequently) and plan to be around awhile
  7. by   whirlabug
    Hello I am a recent RN grad and was a LPN for 2 years. I live in a remote area of Southeastern, CO and hoping to relocate to the Albuquerque area. I am currently a agency nurse working in corrections and have recently been accepted to NMSU new online RN-BSN program. I would eventually get my NP from UNM. My husband and I enjoy running race horses that was our previous careers and have spent a lot of time in various areas of New Mexico. I believe i left my heart in the land of Enchantment Hopefully I will be able to find employment there.
  8. by   imbri
    Hello all! I'm a fresh-off-the-press LPN currently living and attempting to find a solid, permanent job in Albuquerque.
  9. by   JDL004
    I am a new graduate nurse who moved here from Philadelphia. I love Albuquerque for its sights, sounds, and majestic feel. I have my BSN and RN, and have actively been searching for a job as an RN for 3 months now. I am a member of the NMNA and would love the opportunity to talk with someone how I could best help their organization.
  10. by   dthfytr
    Paul here. NMSU Las Cruces grad.
  11. by   nurseliane
    Hello! I'm a new grad, newly licensed, and will be starting my first job as an RN in 2 weeks. Ecstatic and nervous. I live in SF and just registered with this site today, so I'm only now feeling my way around.
  12. by   izzy22
    Hi, I am going to interview at ABQ and I'm currently living in Philly. What do you think about the city in comparison? Are you happy there? Where do you currently work and why did you make the move?