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nurseliane has 8 years experience as a ADN and specializes in School Nursing - NCSN.

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  1. nurseliane

    Frontier Fall 2019

    Oh boy!
  2. nurseliane

    Frontier Fall 2019

    How's everyone doing with the wait? I was ok until yesterday, then my stomach started knotting (very accurate medical term....) each time I thought of it. I felt really confident sending off my application packet and now am having some serious self doubt.
  3. nurseliane

    Frontier Fall 2019

    I've been waiting for "right time" to make the jump and realized there is no right time, it will always be hard. Kinda like having baby....
  4. nurseliane

    Frontier Fall 2019

    The admissions officer that I've been corresponding with says 6-8 weeks after submission deadline (sometime between July 1st and July 19th). And that it will be delivered by email....my heart is going to explode next time I see an email come in from FNU! You've applied to the FNP program? I'm going for WHCNP. I am so looking forward to this next phase of my professional life.
  5. nurseliane

    Frontier Fall 2019

    Hi Future classmate! I'm also waiting in agony and the due date for apps hasn't even arrived. Sigh.
  6. nurseliane

    Anyone here start in OB as new grad?

    Hi. I was hired as a new grad in LDRP, completed a 6 month orientation and have been on my own for about 3 months. It's hard some days and on other days I walk out glowing because it was a great shift. You won't suck. Just take what you can from orientation and go forward with confidence and a great attitude. As I've been reminded in my times of doubt and fear--you're never alone. There's always someone there to give advise on weird strips or help in an emergency.

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