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new job and having a hard time

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well I started a new position a few months back. I am still on orientation, like week 10 on the actual unit. It is a PICU with a cardiac component. I am an experienced RN with many years of experience at another facility working with adults. It seems as though I am not fulfilling the expectations of others. I am not feeling alot of confidence being placed in me, but am feeling alot of frustration, embarrassment and disappointment. The way I feel right now, really bummed out, almost just want to throw in the towel and resign. But my heart tells me that I can do this and I should be doing this. Does anyone have any suggestions for me or even words of encouragement??? I could really use them before I head back to work tomorrow for some more judging.

If you came from LTC people probably are not placing a lot of confidence in you. But that's their problem, and it is going to take them time to get over it.

Just hang in there. You know how you are really doing, and from your words I know that you are not being treated well by your preceptors.

Don't let it get to you. Just have faith in yourself and don't let it get to you.


thanks for the advice. I do appreciate it. I just am feeling like the people that count are the ones who "dont see me progressing" and have expectations that are too high. I think they thought things were going to be much easier and I would be done with orientation by now. I was hoping for the same. I am coming in with cardiac experience, but not the pediatric kind. Havent worked with kids in about 8 years. I would like to also point out to them that in the 10 weeks I have only been on the unit about 50%of the time, due to other things that I had to observe or participate in. Can you really make a decision about someone in a "5 week" period? But I am unsure how to bring my concerns up to my boss and others without sounding like I am whining or making excuses.

Are you "feeling it" from reality or insecurity? i.e., has anything been said or done to indicate that "they" are unhappy with your performance to date? Or are you too hard on yourself?

Yes I guess I left that part out. I have had a discussion or 2 with my nurse manager, and team leader, who have inexplicitly stated that I am not progressing as they would like. The instances that were given were one-sided accounts of a couple situations in which apparently my preceptors were unhappy with my performance. Last week I was basically told that I had an ultimatum, but it wasnt really an "ultimatum", using their words. I have basically been demoted to working the entire unit instead of just the part I was hired to do. It is just so embarrassing and humilitating. I have never ever had trouble getting my feet in and doing well. I do realize that every position is not for every nurse. I just am having a hard time believing that that is the case here. I almost feel like they dont want me to succeed.

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Sorry you are going through difficulties. Is there no one there that you can relate to and will amke a good preceptor for you? ((((hugs)))) hope things settle down but maybe you need to stand up and say something like I need to stay in the unit more than 50% and gain proper experience with a supportive preceptor and chance to gain more confidence nursing younger people

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Good luck to you. Welcome.

I'll move this to the nursing forum since you're asking for advice and not just introducing yourself.

Good luck to you. Welcome.

I'll move this to the nursing forum since you're asking for advice and not just introducing yourself.

Thanks, Tweety.


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I am not saying that the attitude is correct but as a general rule people in ped's get very protective. Pediatrics is very different from adult care, they can not be treated as just small adults. Even simple things like urination is viewed at a different level of importance for this population.

I don't know what problems you are having, but while working in peds we had several experienced adult nurse's transfer in. Most made the transition but some could not get their head around pediatric concepts and were let go.

What problems are your preceptors seeing? Give us more details and hopefully we can help.

Hi all!!! Thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughts. I just wanted to say that today at work I kicked butt!!!!! I think I showed some people a thing or two about my "abilities" and maybe made them rethink their not so supportive comments and attitudes. Today I am good and had a great day. But definitely could not have gotten there and been "ON" today without all your words of encouragement. SO thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your kindness has meant more than you will ever know.

So back tomorrow to kick some more and start taking names....teehee

thanks guys you are the best!!!!!

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