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I was hoping if anyone went to Center of Allied Health and Nursing Education in Hackensack, NJ and if so I need to know about the Exit Exam. I failed the exit exam just took a few days ago with an... Read More

  1. by   baby555
    The center for allied health and nursing education at the Ewing campus is a great school to learn nursing. I totally disagree with the comment posted on Dec 1, 2011 about the campus. I am a senior nursing student at the ewing campus and feel that the faculty and administration has been outstanding and is all about the students success through the program. I will definitely recommend this school to anyone that is serious and committed to hardwork in getting a great nursing education. I am looking forward to my NCLEX and hopefully bridging into the RN program at the Ewing campus when it is available. Much Success To Everyone.
  2. by   lolabunn
    center for allied nursing has changed there are 8 or more people failing MENTAL health a semester !!!! the only reason ONE person failed the last semester is because they CURVED and gave 5 points to students because the test were DUMB and not understandable , the questions had nothing to do with the book , everybody in my class in FAILING ! we sit with our mouths closed and were all gonna wind up having to repeat ! how is it that we can pass ATI and answer online questions and get ALL NCLEX PREP questions right and fail test ? its not fair , and the teacher said " nobody passes my first test , it gets better after test 2 " how is it that she knows this ? shes doing it on purpose !!!! if test 3 is BS im contacting the owner , and im having something done and having these test reviewed because we are being played !!!! you can be an honor student and FAIL out because of mental health and its not just the teachers fault because FANNNING reviews the test and says their ok ! when i was taking pediatrics FANNNING was also changing questions and making my teacher put different questions ! and How about we were in class going over the test all the answers the teacher gave us we thought we had wrong we had right , she answered them ! and then the next day we go over questions with the actual test and shes like " oh well i though that was the answer " you thought thats was the answer because thats what you taught us ! and then put BS on the test ! if your such a good school why dont 30 outta 50 people graduate ? its like 13 people out of 50 on each graduation picture board ! and you would think 22,000 each 100 students every 3 months things would be different ! everybody needs to invest in LINCOLN TECH AND HOHOKUS !!
  3. by   Sparkle131
    Hello everyone! I'm a recent graduate of The Center for Allied Nursing, Ewing NJ campus, and I have to say every student has their own opinions of the school. Some good, some bad but overall you have to be prepared to work hard, do a lot of self study, reading and finding what works for you to pass the nursing program. The school does give you the tools you need to prepare for a nursing career and they do set their standards higher than most of the other technical schools. We all know that nursing school is very hard. It's not meant to be easy or everyone would be able to do it. I will never forget what my first clinical instructor told us that first semester: "Nursing is not about memorizing everything because you will NEVER remember everything. It's understanding the nursing process and you either get it or you don't." I knew I didn't want to be just a nurse, I wanted to be a great nurse! So I made school a priority and put all my energy into doing my best. Find a good study partner and help strengthen each other's weaknesses. Asking your family and friends for their support will also make life easier. Staying focused, organized and doing the work will pay off. Choosing to pursue my nursing education at CANNJ was the right decision because I know it sets me apart from others entering into this competitive field. Good luck to you all!
  4. by   futruenurse
    I'm thinking about apply in The center for allied nursing. It will be very helpful if someone can give me any feedback about this school and their lpn program.

    Thank You
  5. by   Colette Gargiulo
    Hello futruenurse,
    Our Practical Nursing program is nationally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education and the NJ Board of Nursing. We have day and evening practical nursing programs. If you would like to come in for a tour of the school and to meet with our admissions representatives please call the school at 201 489-5836.

    Mrs. Gargiulo, Campus Director
  6. by   rvblack13
    Hi everyone,


    i recently got into this low cost lpn program, i took all the tests and passed. But the program turned out not being true to its word and said that after the LPN program would take about 2 years instead of 11 months to graduate due too many applicants and not enough instructors. I guess its because tuition is only 2500 and it is government funded.

    Therefore I started looking for other schools that I can attend because I really want to be a LPN and I do not want to wait too long. I am considering Allied Health Institute. I read a couple of reviews about the school and Im starting to be a get a little iffy about them..but i still want to know how much is tuition (LPN program), i know it varies because of financial aid but how much does the program itself cost? I tried asking but AHI would not answer me at all till i go there and meet the coordinator. I am also looking into other schools but i don't want to waste my time going there if it is too expensive. I have a student loan from a previous school that didnt end up well and im worried i might not get much financial aid. Although this school has bad reviews so far i will still consider it if the tuition isn't too expensive for me.
  7. by   LadyNikki
    Hi. When i went to the school in Hackensack the cost was about 22,000.They do have finanical aid and grants. I do not know if they increased the tuition but i wouldn't be surprised because everything is up. In my opinion The Center For Allied has changed a lot and i wouldn't say for the better. I don't want to discourage you about the school but go there and visit for yourself and trust your instinct.If that's the school for you, you will know! If the school doesn't work out for you there are many other schools in the New Jersey area. There is Hohokus Hackensack which iv'e heard is very good, Universal Training Institute, Merit Tech and some others.