New Indiana Grad Can't Find Job

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Hello. This is my first post here. I am a recent PN grad and am awaiting my ATT from Ivy Tech. I have been applying to jobs and indicating on my cover letter that I am awaiting the opportunity to take boards. My ideal job is a hospital setting on a med/surg floor. I performed best in that setting during my clinicals. I also had an amazing ER rotation. My question is: How are you going about finding positions? I have my resume posted on most major job sites and am getting turned down left and right. Most, if not all, positions are requesting experience. I don't want to lie about my experience but being honest isn't getting me anywhere either. I am applying for my school's LPN to ASN transition program on 2/1/17 and it starts in June 2017 but I don't want to not work ALLLL that time. Any info would help. Agencies that hire LPNs or anything?

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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1. You probably will not receive any callbacks until you reapply with an actual license number. Many employers do not want to deal with GPNs these days. They want someone who has already passed NCLEX.

2. Keep your options open. Everyone and their mama wants the exalted acute care hospital job, so competition for these positions is often present. Be open to the idea of working at a nursing home, home health company, jail, prison, private duty agency, group home, clinic, etc.

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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Agree with Commuter- and very, very few Indiana hospitals hire LPNs for acute care.

Concentrate on passing NCLEX- THEN put in applications. You need the license first.

You need to be licensed first, then you should get in touch with the job recruiter and explain your situation and how you excel in the area. Many hospitals won't hire LPNs but if you are able to talk with someone on a personal level, you may score an interview.

medic981, ADN, RN, EMT-P

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I was in the same position as you after graduation. While waiting to take the NCLEX I placed applications for jobs that I was interested in. As others have already said, employers are not interested in interviewing a new grad until you have a license in hand. Hang in there, study for the NCLEX, and keep an eye on the job boards until you pass the NCLEX.

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As others have said, you will have much better luck getting a reply once you have a license number. I don't know the market in Indiana, but many states will not hire an LPN in a hospital setting, experienced or not. Once completing my RN, the first question I got from the recruiters prior to setting up an interview was, "You have passed your RN boards already, correct?" regardless of whether or not they will hire an LPN or not, they're probably looking for someone who has their license already.

It may be a good idea to look into other types of nursing positions while going to school for your RN, as they are probably easier to get as a new LPN. I worked in home care while going back to school and I had a lot of co workers who were new grads. Just make sure the case you take is at a skill level that you feel comfortable with since you'll be on your own. My experience with home care agencies was flexibility in scheduling-which was great for school, low(er) stress level-depending on the case dynamics, and the down time allowed me to review my notes for class when everything was done and my patient was napping.

Unfortunately alot of places wont hire new grads. But, there are a few that will. Do you know any other nurses? They could help you get your foot in the door. I've been a LVN/LPN for 23 years. And was able too help my sister ( new grad) get a job where I work. If not, keep trying. There is a DON out there that will hire you.