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medic981 has 6 years experience as a ADN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in Emergency Nursing.

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  1. Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome has been around for many, many years. Healthcare practitioners didn't make the connection until marijuana became legalized in many states and patients began reporting marijuana use. I see CHS almost daily in the ED (...
  2. My first nursing job out of school was in the ICU. I had the opportunity to shadow for a day prior to accepting the job offer. Shadowing is your opportunity to determine if the position is what you are looking for, how the unit works, and how well th...
  3. medic981

    Do you scrub the hub of a PICC between each medication?

    As long as I know that I have maintained control of the hub after scrubbing it, then no, I do not scrub it after each medication. If there is a doubt in my mind that the hub touched something then I go ahead and scrub the hub for again for 15 seconds...
  4. medic981

    Fired for saying i might file safe harbor

    Your best course of action is to consult an employment attorney who knows the specific state law for your state and your situation.
  5. medic981

    Getting accepted with petty drug possesion

    An arrest is not the act of going to jail, an arrest is an act of being detained by the police. If you do not have the free will to go about your business and the police are keeping you from leaving, you are by definition "under arrest." Ultimately, ...
  6. medic981

    Do women find male nurses attractive?

  7. Congratulations!!!
  8. medic981

    NCLEX on a Saturday. When do I do the PVT?

  9. medic981

    Nclex RN fail

    I used UWorld and passed the NCLEX in 75 questions.
  10. medic981

    Need advice on how to approach my pre-reqs

    Neogirl has a good point! Your boyfriend and family will drive you crazy when you are in nursing school. What are you going to do when you start nursing school? Classes, clinicals, studying, care plans, and so on... When I was going to nursing sch...
  11. medic981

    Freaking Out

    As a second year nursing student you are supposed to be scared. Scared keeps you on your toes, makes you hyper-aware unless you are debilitated to the point of inaction. My experience as a paramedic was invaluable when it came to giving the hands-on ...
  12. medic981

    Is it normal that my school doesn't teach us IVs?

    I just graduated in June, and our program taught IV cannulation and foley placement. I had two opportunities to start an IV, which I gave to classmates as I am already skilled at IV starts. I was able to change a suprapubic Foley catheter during my c...
  13. medic981

    Care plan books..yes or no?

    Hmmm... "literally the biggest waste of time"? I graduated from nursing school June 10, and I hated every care plan that had to write. Yet, my fellow classmates and I who made an effort and worked on completing accurate care plans are the ones who pa...
  14. Texas is a Compact Nursing License state. Perhaps you can go to another compact state and petition the BON to obtain an authorization to test so that you can take the NCLEX.
  15. medic981

    Mailing paper license in Colorado?

    If you want a "hard copy" of your Colorado Nursing License you can obtain a PVC credit card sized copy from for $12.